Frankel applauds House passage of bike lane bill named in memory of Pittsburgher

Susan’s and Emily’s Law would allow municipalities to create protected bicycle lanes

HARRISBURG, March 17 – A bicycle and pedestrian safety bill named in part for a 34-year-old Pittsburgher who was killed in Oakland in 2015 passed the House today in an unanimous vote.

The bill, H.B. 140, was amended in committee to be named Susan’s and Emily’s Law, in honor of Susan Hicks, who was killed in Oakland, and Emily Fredericks, a cyclist who was killed in 2017 in Philadelphia. It would allow municipalities to create parking-protected bike lanes, or bike lanes that are separated from traffic lanes by parking. Currently, an antiquated section of state law requires parking to be within 12 inches of the curb.

“I want to thank all of the people who worked – for years – to get this legislation passed. This bill will save lives. I know that without a doubt because the place where Susan was fatally hit could be a parking-protected bike lane today, if this bill were already law,” Frankel said. “That would make a much better, more beautiful memorial than the ghost bike that marks the spot now. This bill will make roads safer for everyone – bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers alike. I sincerely hope that the Senate will move to quickly confirm our vote and send this bill to the governor.”

It is the second time a bill modifying state law to allow for parking-protected bike lanes has passed the House. A similar bill passed the House last year but failed to pass the Senate.