Hanbidge drafts resolution urging rehabilitation over incarceration for juvenile delinquents

LANSDALE, Sept. 14 – State Rep. Liz Hanbidge, D-Montgomery, authored a resolution urging district attorneys throughout the commonwealth to review juvenile cases with a focus on rehabilitation instead of incarceration.

Hanbidge noted that about 250,000 children are prosecuted in adult criminal courts throughout the country each year. This can lead to them facing adult criminal convictions and being incarcerated in an adult prison or jail although they are still minors.

“Incarcerating youth and putting them in adult facilities puts them at greater risk for mental health issues, physical and sexual assault and an increased likelihood of recidivism,” Hanbidge said. “Focusing on rehabilitating minors who break the law instead of incarcerating them puts them on a more promising path to lead productive, healthy, law-abiding lives once they reach adulthood. Research shows that our brains aren’t fully developed until our mid-20s, so children should not be destined to a lifelong cycle of crime and jailtime because of mistakes they made in their youth.”

Questions may be directed to Hanbidge’s office by calling (610) 277-3230 or emailing RepHanbidge@pahouse.net.