News on SEPTA Senior Key Cards

(Feb 23, 2024)

I’ll start this email with a brief update on Senior SEPTA passes. Read more


Hanbidge, Cerrato hosting an education event focusing on special needs

(Feb 20, 2024)

State Reps. Melissa Cerrato and Liz Hanbidge invite area teachers, parents, and families to their upcoming IEP roundtable to discuss the special education transition process. Read more


How Shapiro's budget could help Pennsylvania families

(Feb 16, 2024)

As promised, here are additional details from Gov. Shapiro's budget address. A large component of each annual budget is monies spent on vulnerable populations, including children, those with health issues, seniors and those with disabilities. Read more


Highlights from Gov. Shapiro's budget address

(Feb 09, 2024)

This week, during his annual budget address, Governor Shapiro outlined his proposed budget and priorities for the commonwealth. His proposal makes significant strategic investments in the future of the commonwealth. Read more


Lawmakers congratulate North Montco TCC for winning $85,000 state grant

(Feb 08, 2024)

"Equipping students with state-of-the-art tools and up-to-date practices is essential for their smooth transition into the workforce. Grants like these play an important role in ensuring such readiness," stated Hanbidge Read more


Imagination Library: My bill to improve child literacy

(Feb 02, 2024)

At the end of last year, I attended the Council of State Government’s annual convention. The greatest benefit of attending legislative conferences is learning about programs and innovations that are working in other parts of the country. Read more


How we can reduce gun violence in Pennsylvania

(Jan 26, 2024)

Almost 250 days ago, the Pennsylvania House sent bipartisan commonsense gun violence prevention legislation to the Senate. Read more


State lawmakers roll out legislation to facilitate safe abortion access

(Jan 22, 2024)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 22 – Today, on the 51st anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Roe v. Wade , state Rep. Tarik Khan, D-Philadelphia, hosted a news conference at the state Capitol announcing the introduction of legislation regarding abortion rights. Rep. Khan was joined by fellow legislators and abortion-rights advocates. The legislation aims to remove unnecessary obstacles to safe abortion access by eliminating the requirement that abortion facilities meet the same regulations as ambulatory surgical centers. It would also remove the excessive mandate that abortion providers maintain admitting privileges or have transfer agreements at hospitals, which only blocks access to care. The legislators who have also prime-sponsored Khan’s bill are state Reps. La'Tasha D. Mayes, D-Allegheny; Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery; Mary Issacson, D-Phila.; Gina H. Curry, D-Delaware; Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester; Danielle Friel Otten, D-Chester; Tara Probst, D-Monroe/Pike; Heather Boyd, D-Delaware; Liz Hanbidge, D-Montgomery; Leanne Krueger, D-Delaware; and Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Philadelphia. "As a nurse, I know that restrictive abortion laws do not lower abortion rates — they just make them less safe," Khan said. "We must remove any unnecessary requirements from facilities that provide this care. Our bill increases access to safe abortion by increasing people's access to safe abortion Read more


The need to reform education funding in Pennsylvania

(Jan 19, 2024)

As a reminder, while the U.S. Constitution contains no explicit right to education, in the Pennsylvania Constitution, the Education Clause, article III, section 14, requires the General Assembly "provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education to serve the needs of the Commonwealth" so that all Pennsylvania students can have a meaningful opportunity to succeed academically, socially, and civically. Read more


Hanbidge, Collett announce $225,000 grant benefiting local waterway

(Jan 16, 2024)

“Grants like this help safeguard local water quality and maintain adequate stormwater management measures,” Hanbidge said. Read more


Time to #RaiseTheWage in Pennsylvania

(Jan 12, 2024)

With the start of the new year, many states surrounding us ushered in new minimum wage rates while Pennsylvania’s workers started 2024 the same way they started 2023 – tied for dead last in America. Read more


Upcoming special election for North Penn School District

(Jan 05, 2024)

On Jan. 16, voters residing in the North Penn School District (NPSD) will have the opportunity to have their voices heard on a referendum regarding construction updates to the High School. Read more


Protecting the elderly and celebrating giving pass House

(Dec 22, 2023)

A bill I worked on with Rep. Paul Schemel (R-Franklin) to protect older Pennsylvanians passed the House unanimously. HB 1760 seeks to update the commonwealth’s 51-year-old Slayer Statute. Read more


Hanbidge announces $1.6 million in state funding for infrastructure projects

(Dec 20, 2023)

NEWS RELEASE State Rep. Liz Hanbidge D-Montgomery FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hanbidge announces $1.6 million in state funding for infrastructure projects HARRISBURG, Dec. 20 – State Rep. Liz Hanbidge announced that she has helped secure funding of nearly $1.6 million through the Commonwealth Financing Authority for four water and sewer projects in her district. “Water and sewer projects help us maintain our environment, mitigate flood damage and boost our local economy,” Hanbidge said. “I am pleased to see these worthy projects get funded.” Under the H2O PA program, the North Wales Water Authority was awarded $500,000 to replace a water main between Broad Street and Valley Forge Road in Upper Gwynedd Township. The North Wales Water Authority also was awarded $423,895 through the PA Small Water and Sewer grant program for manhole inflow and infiltration abatement in North Wales Borough. Also, under the Small Water and Sewer grant, Lower Gwynedd Township receives $248,756 for a sewer upgrade and extension project and Upper Gwynedd Township will receive $421,231 for a storm sewer renovation project. The H2O Grant program provides single-year and multi-year grants for the construction of drinking water, sanitary Read more


Issues facing America's childcare systems

(Dec 15, 2023)

Last week, I travelled to Raleigh, North Carolina to attend the Council of State Governments national convention. The Council of State Governments (CSG) is the nation’s only organization serving all three branches of state government. Read more


Hanbidge and Schemel legislation to protect seniors passes the House

(Dec 13, 2023)

“House Bill 1760 will help ensure a future where the rights of Pennsylvania elders are safeguarded, and wrongdoers are prevented from benefiting from abusing seniors. Rep. Schemel and I hope that our bill can serve to protect those who deserve dignity in their twilight years," Hanbidge said. Read more


House committee to consider Reproductive Rights Amendment

(Dec 13, 2023)

The Otten and Hanbidge bill proposes an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution that would reaffirm and protect every individual’s right of reproductive liberty with respect to personal, sexual, and reproductive healthcare decisions, including the right to choose or refuse an abortion, the right to choose or refuse contraceptives, and the right to choose or refuse fertility care, without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship status. Read more


Voting to abolish the death penalty in Pennsylvania

(Dec 08, 2023)

I believe a legislative “sweet spot” exists when doing the best thing and doing the right thing align. Read more


House committee will consider legislative package to amend Act 12 requirements for sale of water & wastewater systems

(Dec 07, 2023)

Members of the House Democratic Caucus will hear testimony about their bill package to reform Act 12 of 2016 at a public hearing of the House Consumer Protection, Technology & Utilities Committee at 10 a.m. on Dec. 12 in the state Capitol building. Read more


What happened in Harrisburg last week

(Dec 01, 2023)

This week, I’m writing with legislative updates from our last session week. We passed some highly impactful bills which I was proud to co-sponsor. Read more