Hanbidge applauds $2.2M for domestic violence survivors, children and rehabilitation

HARRISBURG, Dec. 11 – State Rep. Liz Hanbidge, D-Montgomery, applauded six Montgomery County organizations and agencies for securing over $2.2 million in grants from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. 

The funds, approved by the PCCD, support a variety of programs and services, including adult probation services, domestic abuse programs and more.   

The grants awarded in Montgomery County are as follows: 

Improvement of Adult Probation Services Funds

  • Montgomery County - Improvement of Adult Probation Services - $705,061. 

VSAC- Federal STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grants

  • Victim Services Center of Montgomery County - Rights and Services Act - $343,686.
  • Montgomery County Commissioners - RASA/VOJO 2021-22 - $801,934.
  • Women’s Center of Montgomery County - Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy Project - $91,650.
  • Montgomery County Commissioners - VOJO JPO - $262,957. 

State Children’s Advocacy Center Funds

  • Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County - NCA Accredited Services for Child Abuse Victims - $47,000. 

"In my work as a child advocate and attorney I worked for child victims of abuse and neglect and, on occasion, abused adults, often utilizing some of these services. I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that funding for programs like these can have in helping children and adults and setting them up for future successes,” Hanbidge said.

For more information, those interested can contact Hanbidge’s district office at (610) 277-3230.