Harris: Economies can be revived; lost lives cannot

HARRISBURG, April 20 – In the midst of a rally calling to end the government closure of non-essential business due to COVID-19, state Rep. Jordan Harris, D-Phila., House Democratic Whip, issued the following statement:

“In just 45 days, over 33,000 Pennsylvanians have tested positive and over 1,200 Pennsylvanians have lost their lives to COVID-19. This virus is disproportionately impacting our frontline health care workers, our vulnerable seniors in nursing homes, and our minority communities.

“While I’ll never disagree with the right of Americans to assemble and protest, I question the motives of the organizers who either ignore sound medical and scientific data or simply don’t care about the lives of those protesting and are only using them as the means to an end with willful disregard for their health and the health of the communities they will return to.

“It makes me even more thankful we have a governor like Tom Wolf who’s looking out for their best interest and safety of all Pennsylvanians with his steadfast leadership. We’ve lost far too many mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, who will never be able to contribute to our society again. While I understand the economic toll this is taking, the toll on lives is far greater. Economies can be revived; lost lives cannot.”