Bi-weekly Update: Inflation Reduction Act update

(Aug 26, 2022)

The recently signed federal Inflation Reduction Act will make it more affordable for Pennsylvania families to purchase energy-efficient appliances when they need to, make repairs around their homes, and save money on their utility bills each month, through: Read more


August 2022 Newsletter

(Aug 15, 2022)

Since first being elected in 2018, I have workedtirelessly to ensure that we get everything we needand deserve, both here in the 167th LegislativeDistrict and across the commonwealth. I Read more


Howard pleased to see pipeline operator convicted of criminal charges

(Aug 08, 2022)

MALVERN, Aug. 8 – State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, said today she was pleased to see Sunoco Pipeline LP, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer, convicted of criminal charges related to its conduct during the construction of the Mariner East 2 Pipeline, which crosses through Chester County. According to the Office of Attorney General, as part of a plea agreement , Energy Transfer will pay for independent evaluations of potential water quality impact for homeowners near the Mariner East 2 Pipeline; offer approved mechanisms for restoring or replacing the impacted private water supplies; have an independent, professional geologist review water testing and advise on water quality; and pay $10 million toward projects to improve the health and safety of the water sources. “The people of Chester County have waited a long time for this,” Howard said. “Energy Transfer Partners has a long history of mistakes and violations and have a complete disregard for both the environment and health and well-being of the people of Pennsylvania. As one of my very first acts in office in January 2019, I called on Attorney General Josh Shapiro to investigate ETP and I am pleased to see a conviction in this case.” In October 2021, following an 18-month investigation, Energy Transfer Partners was charged with 48 counts of environmental crimes, including a felony charge for “willfully and consistently” failing to report inadvertent releases to the Read more


Budget Summary

(Jul 26, 2022)

Total 2022/23 General Fund state appropriations: $42.8 billion Read more


Bi-weekly Update: State Budget

(Jul 13, 2022)

Late last week, the bipartisan 2022/23 state budget passed the General Assembly and was signed by the Governor. Read more


Howard: Pennsylvania must encode reproductive rights into law now

(Jun 24, 2022)

Today’s Supreme Court decision overturning the longstanding precedent of Roe v. Wade ushers in a new era in which women’s freedom of choice is no longer guaranteed. While this decision will have no immediate impact in Pennsylvania – unlike states such as Texas and Florida, where preemptively passed laws banning abortion will now take effect – we should take little comfort in the fact. A handful of political appointees have erased a basic right despite widespread public opposition. The fact that this erasure will take longer to reach Pennsylvania should not be a comfort. This is exactly why I introduced H.B. 733 last year, which would finally and rightfully encode Roe v. Wade’s protections into Pennsylvania law, guaranteeing freedom of choice and bodily autonomy. Fifteen of my colleagues, alas, all Democrats, have co-sponsored this bill and demonstrated their commitment to upholding a right that is fundamental to modern life. Unfortunately, H.B. 733 has languished in the House Health Committee, where the Republican majority has disallowed even its basic consideration. Meanwhile, this same committee has advanced radical proposals to curtail women’s rights. As it stands, the veto power of Gov. Tom Wolf is our chief protection from a return to the dark old days when women were given a so-called choice between an unwanted pregnancy and dangerous procedures performed at home or by unlicensed doctors operating in the shadows. Read more


Berwyn Fire Co. to receive additional state funding

(Jun 22, 2022)

HARRISBURG, June 22 – State Sens. Carolyn Comitta and Tim Kearney and state Reps. Kristine Howard and Melissa Shusterman announced today an additional $500,000 state grant for the Berwyn Fire Co. to assist in replacing its main station with a state-of-the-art new fire house. The Berwyn Fire Co. has been operating out of its current building for more than 90 years. Their two-phased plan would replace the existing Main Station on Bridge Avenue in Easttown Township and build a new permanent station in Tredyffrin Township. “I’m thrilled that we secured additional state funding to support Berwyn Fire Company,” Comitta said. “Providing strong emergency response services is a top priority for our communities. I hope the added funds will help bring the new fire station closer to reality so that our firefighters and emergency first responders have the equipment and resources they need to continue to do their jobs safely and effectively.” “I am happy to have helped secure RACP funding for the Berwyn Fire Company,” Kearney said. “Our first responders are critical to the safety and well-being of our communities, and this funding ensures that Berwyn Fire Company has the support they need to build a new firehouse, making way for a stronger emergency response infrastructure to safeguard our communities. The state funding will assist in Phase 1 of the project, replacing the old station. Read more


Weekly Update: Legislative update, satellite office hours and more

(Jun 10, 2022)

Firearm sales in America skyrocketed in 2020. Queries to the NICS background check database, along with industry publications, suggest that at least 21 million guns were purchased in 2020, with an additional 18.5 million purchased in 2021, the two strongest years ever for firearm sales. Read more


Weekly update: Budget Update & Upcoming Blood Drive

(Jun 03, 2022)

As we move into budget season, I continue working tirelessly to ensure we get everything we need and deserve, both in our local communities and across the Commonwealth, including our remaining American Rescue Plan Act funds, which must be allocated by the end of 2024. Read more


June 2022 Newsletter

(Jun 02, 2022)

Dear Neighbor,As a result of the 2020 Census, new legislative districts will take effect this December. If you are a resident of East Caln, East Goshen, West Vincent, East Whiteland, West Whiteland,West Pikeland, or Charlestown, your residence will be in the 167th Legislative District. Read more


Weekly Update: Don't Forget to Vote!

(May 13, 2022)

Aspiring teachers and social workers must complete field placements, such as internships or student teaching. These positions are rarely paid, causing many to postpone or abandon their ambitions. Read more


Howard: It’s past time to encode reproductive rights into PA law

(May 10, 2022)

Yes, the U.S. Supreme Court is ready to strike down Roe v. Wade. But while the draft majority opinion obtained by Politico is frightening, it is hardly shocking. We knew this was coming – the justices met and voted in December. We can take a moment to breathe and remember that this is a three-month-old draft, not a final opinion. That said, the clock is ticking, and a final opinion is expected over the summer. Let this serve as a rallying cry. Our plans for the future must be more than a vague hope a justice or two changes their mind before the decision is published. Indeed, we have relied far too much on the Supreme Court for the past half-century. Rather than codifying reproductive rights into law, legislatures – both state and federal – have tacitly adopted a policy of simply pointing to a Supreme Court decision. We turned temporary relief into long-term policy without actually enacting anything. As Justice Alito himself points out in the draft, “[Roe v. Wade] concluded with a numbered set of rules much like those that might be found in a statute enacted by a legislature.” Relying entirely on the Supreme Court, we became complacent, leaving the power over reproductive freedom entirely with the court. Facing the distinct possibility that these rights will now lack federal protection, it is up to the individual states to uphold reproductive rights. Decisions regarding reproductive health are extremely personal and intimate. Read more


Howard: Let’s keep no-excuse mail-in voting

(Mar 07, 2022)

Act 77, which created mail-in voting in Pennsylvania, was introduced as a simple bill to eliminate straight ticket voting. While introduced by a Democratic senator, Republicans leapt to support it, and the bill became anything but the bipartisan victory the Republicans claimed it as. In 2019, when the bill was introduced, Pennsylvania was one of only seven states permitting straight ticket voting in presidential elections. Initially a simple voting reform, the Republicans turned Act 77 into something far less noble. The Republican senators on the State Government Committee made what turned out to be a very astute observation – then-president Donald Trump was an albatross around their party’s electoral neck. By eliminating straight ticket voting, the Republicans figured they could improve the chances of their candidates down ballot by distancing them, however subtly, from a president less than popular with many of their voters. In a bid to assuage any partisan opposition, the bill was amended to include the creation of no excuse mail-in voting. However, the majority of Democrats voted against what was ultimately more electoral smoke and mirrors than genuine voting reform, leaving the bill an example of anything but the triumph of bipartisanship it was claimed to be. Not only did the Republicans not raise any legal or constitutional objections to mail-in voting at the time, but they also pushed the idea from the jump, with only two Republican House members Read more


RELEASE: Reps. Shusterman, Williams, Howard joint statement on health care access following recent violence

(Feb 17, 2022)

CHESTER COUNTY, Feb. 17 – State Reps. Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester/Montgomery, Dan K. Williams, D-Chester, and Kristine Howard, D-Chester, have released a joint statement following the violent attack that occurred at Lincoln University on Wednesday night. “We were appalled to learn this morning of the three students stabbed in a Lincoln University dorm room last night. While many details are still unknown, we do know that one of the victims was pronounced dead at the scene and that the other two victims were taken to Christiana Hospital – some 26 miles away – for treatment. “Twenty-six miles is no short ride under the best of circumstances, but when the circumstances are literally life and death, 26 miles is endless. “Until December, hospital care for Lincoln University students was just four miles away at Jennersville Hospital. Unfortunately, Jennersville closed at the end of 2021. This was followed by the closure of Brandywine Hospital in Caln Township last month. These closures were the result of a sale that fell through. “While the victim who was killed died before help could arrive, it is hard to believe a closer treatment option would not have made a difference in only slightly different circumstances, or that a timelier arrival may have changed this outcome. Whether you have a broken arm or COVID-19 symptoms or you are giving birth, time is a serious factor. “Last Read more


Weekly Update: SEPTA ID Expiration Extended

(Jan 28, 2022)

Plus right to repair information Read more


Winter Newsletter 2021-2022

(Jan 11, 2022)

Helpful resources inside Read more


Howard: $525K awarded for land preservation

(Dec 30, 2021)

WILLISTOWN TOWNSHIP, Dec. 30 – State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, has announced the Willistown Conservation Trust is set to receive two grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to further land conservation efforts in Chester County. The grants awarded are: $500,000 toward acquisition of approximately 12 acres for an addition to the Kirkwood Preserve. $25,400 for further development of Ruston Woods Preserve, including construction of a pedestrian walkway, ADA access and landscaping. “Willistown Conservation Trust’s phenomenal work in protecting and preserving more than 7,500 acres has given people of all ages the chance to enjoy nature,” said Howard. “I’m excited to see the trust utilize these grants to not only grow protected lands, but to make them more accessible for all.” Howard said the funds are part of the Pennsylvania DCNR grant program, which pulls from multiple state and federal funding sources to award grants. More information on DCNR grant programs can be found on the department’s website Read more


E-BLAST (Nov. 18): My legislation to improve Pennsylvania's behavioral health field

(Nov 18, 2021)

Recruiting and retaining behavioral health workers, especially for residential treatment facilities, presents a serious challenge. Read more


Howard supports AG’s criminal charges against pipeline operator, seeks increased penalties

(Oct 05, 2021)

MALVERN, Oct. 5 – PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro filed 48 comprehensive criminal charges against Energy Transfer Partners following an 18-month investigation. These charges include a felony charge for “willfully and consistently” failing to report inadvertent releases to the Department of Environmental Protection. “These charges have been a long time coming,” state Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, said. “On January 24, 2019, as one of my first acts in office, I called on Attorney General Shapiro to investigate ETP. “I see this move as the best way to hold ETP responsible for their long history of mistakes and violations. By filing these charges, the attorney general has not only named ETP as a bad actor, but a downright criminally bad actor with a complete disregard for both the environment and the people of Pennsylvania.” The charges against ETP include 45 counts of releasing industrial waste at 22 sites across 11 counties, one for using unapproved additives in drilling fluid and one for contaminating local water supplies, as well as a felony charge for failure to report the releases. “I agree with the attorney general that fines are not enough,” Howard said. “Last January, in the wake of DEP’s issuance of $30.6 million in fines to ETP for violations related to the 2018 Revolution Pipeline explosion and fire, I said I was underwhelmed, and that Read more


August 2021 Newsletter

(Aug 25, 2021)

Information on Rep. Howard's upcoming events, legislation, constituent services and more. Read more