Rep. Carol Kazeem's Biography

Carol Kazeem is a Chester city native dedicated to supporting the health, safety and well-being of every Pennsylvanian.

As a trauma outreach specialist and veteran health care worker, Kazeem has extensive experience working on homelessness reductions, mental and behavioral health services, gun violence prevention, youth mentorship and raising awareness on the effects of poverty – both in the 159th Legislative District and globally. Kazeem has been internationally recognized for her work sponsoring children and their schools in several regions of Africa, helping them maintain their access to education.

Kazeem also serves as a gun violence interventionist. Having lost loved ones to this epidemic, Kazeem helps others with similar experiences by providing social resources and trusted, trauma-informed support to residents in-need.

Prioritizing justice over excuses, she strives to enact positive change that will impact the people of her district. To accomplish this, Kazeem is pursuing legislative initiatives such as strengthening education equity, combating gun violence, ending the war on drugs, criminal justice reform and raising the minimum wage. She also is pursuing a degree in the field of law. 

Driven by her own personal experiences and by those of her fellow neighbors and loved ones in and around Chester, Kazeem ran for office to serve as an outspoken and genuine advocate for her community. She describes herself as “an activist at heart,” because of her experiences overcoming adversity - including attending underfunded schools and homelessness - and wants to raise up these real-world problems inside the state Capitol.