Kosierowski appointed to COVID-19 Vaccine task force

TAYLOR, Feb. 9 -- State Rep. Bridget Malloy Kosierowski, D-Lackawanna, today announced her appointment by the Wolf administration to a COVID-19 Vaccine Joint Task force comprised of the governor’s office and members of the General Assembly.  


“Today, I join a new task force designed to streamline and better focus issues of importance regarding the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts,” Kosierowski said. “As someone who comes from the healthcare industry, I’m glad the governor is taking this extra step as we work to distribute an unprecedented number of vaccines while facing continuing challenges like vaccine supply and better aiding people about vaccination options.” 


Kosierowski joins the following members on the task force: co-chairs Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam and Director of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Randy Padfield; for the Senate Democratic Caucus, state Sen. Art Haywood; for the Senate Republican Caucus, state Sen. Ryan Aument; and for the House Republican Caucus, state Rep. Tim O’Neal. 


“The primary goal is to represent the views of our colleagues and their constituents for better collaboration across the entire commonwealth,” Kosierowski said. “The more streamlined the information we have with regard to what’s working and what isn’t working, the better positioned we’ll be to make timely improvements and adjustments to the commonwealth’s approach to ensuring every resident becomes vaccinated. Now more than ever, our residents should see all of our vaccination efforts transparently and have access to clear communication about those efforts.”