Kosierowski responds to Supreme Court abortion ruling

SCRANTON, June 24 – State Rep. Bridget M. Kosierowski offered the following statement in response to today’s ruling regarding abortion by the U.S. Supreme Court:

“This ruling not only abruptly dismantled decades of settled law, but it is putting women’s lives and health at risk,” said Kosierowski, D-Lackawanna. “The vast majority of Americans support Roe V. Wade and everyone should remind themselves that elections have consequences. The court’s decision means that states will decide. We are one vote away from losing access to care. Antichoice legislation will never rid abortion, it would just eliminate safe and legal abortion.

"The most personal medical decision a woman makes should be between herself and her doctor, not between a legislature or even a Supreme Court. With this decision to overturn, I much fear what rights will be on the chopping block next. Access to contraception? Marriage equality? Interracial marriage? It is a dark day in America when a gun has more rights than a woman.”