Madden: $78,258 grant to Monroe County Adult Probation and Parole

MONROE, June 9 – In keeping with her commitment to bring home much-needed grant funding, state Rep Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, announced today the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency has awarded Monroe County a $78,258 grant for adult probation and parole services.

Madden said it is important to properly fund adult probation and parole services because those services can improve probation outcomes and reduce prison costs.

“Funding this program provides offenders an opportunity to be more successful while on probation through effective treatment and assistance programs that they need, such as drug treatment, mental health counseling and employment assistance,” Madden said.

Act 114 of 2019 provides for the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to review and approve county adult probation and parole grant funding, which includes improvement of adult probation services grant-in-aid funds.

Under the act, a county, such as Monroe County, that provides adult probation services can receive grant funding from the state through the PCCD for costs incurred by the county, but only to the extent that the staff and programs meet the qualifications and standards established by PCCD.

More information on PCCD grants is available here.