ESU welcomes Madden to tour state-of-the-art Aquaculture Lab

EAST STROUDSBURG, Oct. 6 -- East Stroudsburg University welcomed Pennsylvania State Representative Maureen Madden today as she toured the university’s newly renovated Aquaculture Lab.

Rep. Madden, in collaboration with the ESU Foundation, secured funding for the lab upgrades in 2019 through a $100,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. After COVID-related delays, the lab renovations are complete.

The state-of-the-art, professional aquaculture laboratory gives students studying marine science the opportunity to develop, build, and maintain a variety of aquaculturing systems, including: a berlin reef system, a Jaubert (Monaco) system, marine ornamentals, freshwater aquatics, specialty tanks, and feeding and rearing systems.

“Aquaculture science is a growing field with many opportunities for students. This grant enables students to gain valuable experience in designing, establishing, and maintaining a variety of aquatic culturing systems,” said James Hunt, Ph.D., professor of biological sciences and director of ESU’s marine science program. “Furthermore, students are able to learn aspects of animal care, including husbandry and fish health management. Research students are beginning to conduct experiments on captive breeding, social behavior, fish nutrition, and coral propagation. The aquaculture laboratory at ESU is a tremendous hands-on learning experience for students interested in careers in marine or freshwater aquatic life.”

The aquaculture lab exposes students to the same types of aquaculture systems they are likely to find in large public aquaria, research labs, aquatic farms, and other facilities where care and husbandry of aquatic plants and animals is conducted.

College Values Online has named ESU as one of the top schools in the nation to offer studies in Marine Science.

For more information on studying marine science at ESU and the Aquaculture Lab, contact Dr. Hunt, at or by calling 570-422-3715.