A Sign(post) of the Times

The aptly named Waste Not Technologies is improving our environment — one yogurt cup at a time.

With locations in Saylorsburg and Tobyhanna, these recycling plants take recycled plastic and turn it into fencing. Rep. Maureen Madden recently had the pleasure of touring the Tobyhanna facility. During this tour, founder Patrick Kelley described in detail the recycling processes. WNT has been buying yogurt cups and turning them into low-maintenance fencing mostly used for farms, vineyards and signposts.

In addition to the positive impact on the environment, this process brings positives to the consumer. Unlike wooden fencing, plastic fencing holds up against the elements of nature, does not need to be painted, and ultimately retains their aesthetic appearance for a long amount of time. WNT has test fence posts in their Saylorsburg plants that are 21 years old and have not rotted!

As its products have stood the test of time, so does WNT’s practices. The act of recycling is a key player in the quest for sustainability of our environment.

WNT recently applied for a Local Share Account grant to aid in the installation of a loading dock and outside storage space at the Tobyhanna plant for the receiving of full tractor loads of recycled plastics. Growth is imminent for this recycling plant in Monroe County.

Learn more at www.plasticfencing.us.

Learn more about recycling at www.dep.pa.gov/recycling.