McClinton cheers $21K for Fresh Fruits and Veggies for Anderson Elementary

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 17 – Speaker of the House Joanna McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware, is applauding $21,456 being awarded to Add B. Anderson Elementary School to make fresh fruits and vegetables available to its students. 

“Access to fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t only important to a student’s performance in school but can also teach them valuable lessons about making healthy food choices throughout their lives,” McClinton said. “This access to fresh food, coupled with the recently announced universal free breakfast for Pennsylvania students, will help us combat food insecurity in our community.”

The funding is being awarded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education under the federal Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. The aim of FFVP is to promote healthy school environments by introducing children to fresh fruits and vegetables, including new and different varieties, and increasing overall acceptance and consumption of fresh, unprocessed produce.

Under the program, selected schools receive reimbursement for the cost of making free fresh fruits and vegetables available to students during the school day. These fresh fruits and vegetables must be provided separately from the lunch or breakfast meal, in one or more areas of the school during the school day.

For a school to be eligible, it must participate in the National School Lunch Program, and FFVP prioritizes schools with the highest percentage of children eligible for free and reduced-price meals in order to give children from low-income families more opportunities to consume fresh produce on a regular basis.