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Heart failure can occur during pregnancy, and Black women fare worse than others. Penn doctors are starting to find out why.

(May 09, 2021)

Black women are more likely to develop the condition, less likely to regain normal heart function, and twice as likely to die from the disease. Read more

PA Women’s Health Caucus Responds to Today’s Dangerous Anti-Abortion Hearing in the House Health Committee.

(May 04, 2021)

We thank those Representatives on the committee who have continually stood up for reproductive justice throughout these hearings, including our own co-chair Representative Morgan Cephas, and one of the WHC’s founders, Representative Dan Frankel. Read more

Frankel: Stop the Attacks on Science

(May 04, 2021)

“The accusations discussed today are abhorrent, and fortunately, they are untrue. Tissue donation is carefully regulated, and the process is entirely set up to help improve and protect human life. If an organization breaks the rules, there are, appropriately, consequences in place." Read more

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Op-Ed: Shelve the theatrics and address real issues affecting Pa. women and children

(Apr 23, 2021)

Improving women’s health care doesn’t require news conferences designed to parrot tired and untrue talking points. To make a positive difference for all women and children of Pennsylvania, let’s instead focus our energy and attention on evidence-based policies that address bona fide issues and move Pennsylvania forward. Read more

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The single policy intervention that can improve health for moms and babies | Expert Opinion

(Apr 19, 2021)

It’s time to put families first by passing the Family Care Act. Read more