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Without an 'ounce of empathy': Their stories show the dangers of being Black and pregnant

(Sep 09, 2020)

Black women are dying in childbirth 2½ times more often than white women — 37.1 vs 14.7 deaths per 100,000 live births, according to data released earlier this year by the National Center for Health Statistics. Read more

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Man up, Erie: Activist invites men to join anti-domestic violence movement

(Sep 01, 2020)

Four years after her own assault, Michelle Littler wants to spread message of hope. Read more

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Millions of women lose contraceptives, abortions in COVID-19

(Aug 20, 2020)

The World Health Organization this month said two-thirds of 103 countries surveyed between mid-May and early July reported disruptions to family planning and contraception services. The U.N. Population Fund warns of up to 7 million unintended pregnancies worldwide. Read more

Women’s Health Caucus calls for investigation into ‘Real Alternatives’ nonprofit

(Aug 13, 2020)

The WHC chairs called the actions of the nonprofit into question, writing, “For more than 20 years, an organization known as Real Alternatives has been enriching itself and its executives, mismanaging state-appropriated funding, and potentially misdirecting that funding for advertising and legal services, including using Pennsylvania dollars in other states.” Read more

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Policy Committee Hearing on Innovative Responses to Maternal Mortality

(Aug 13, 2020)

Lawmakers and experts in the field discussed the innovative responses to maternal mortality before and during the coronavirus pandemic, which put a unique strain on the overall healthcare system and traditional services. Read more