House Democratic Leaders laud significant, targeted investments proposed in education funding report

Pennsylvania House Democratic Leaders today issued the following statement on a report and recommendations passed by the Basic Education Funding Commission today:

“House Democrats have long championed investing in our public schools to ensure all Pennsylvania children have access to a quality public education. Unfortunately, for decades our public schools have been underfunded at the state level, causing devastating disparities and placing an undue burden on local taxpayers. In February 2023, the Commonwealth Court ruled that the General Assembly failed in our constitutional obligation to provide all Pennsylvania children with a comprehensive, effective, and contemporary system of public education.

“We must do better to fulfill this constitutional and moral obligation. Today’s Basic Education Funding Commission report is a groundbreaking plan that recommends significant, targeted investments that will level the playing field by ensuring education funding is adequately and equitably distributed, all while providing significant property tax relief to many Pennsylvanians who have been overburdened for too long.

“The report is a compromise that thoughtfully includes input from lawmakers and the many important voices who shared their experiences and recommendations with the Basic Education Funding Commission. We are grateful to the passionate, dedicated Pennsylvanians who provided important testimony.

“This report provides a roadmap to a better future for our kids. Now, we must get to work to ensure the recommendations are implemented so our students have access to a quality and safe public education with all the tools and resources they need to succeed. We’re thankful that Governor Josh Shapiro shares this commitment and we’re ready to continue this critical work with our colleagues and the Shapiro Administration using the recommendations.”