House Democratic Leaders Praise Governor Shapiro’s Plan to Build a Student-first Streamlined Higher Education System

Pennsylvania House Democratic Leaders today issued the following statement on Gov. Josh Shapiro’s plan to build a student-first streamlined higher education system to ensure that higher education is affordable and accessible to all.  

"Pennsylvania House Democrats consistently strive to maximize support for students at state system schools and community colleges.

“For too long, we’ve let students accumulate significant debt for their education, hindering their ability to work in their chosen field and contribute to the local economy upon graduation. Pennsylvanians carry the third largest student debt load in the nation. We need to make it easier and more affordable for students to attend our state schools, which provide vital job training and a quality higher education for tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians every year, and remove barriers for students transferring between schools here in the commonwealth.  

“We’re excited to work with Governor Shapiro on this bold new proposal to do even more for students, colleges and our communities – especially capping tuition costs for working families and their students. 

“We look forward to examining the proposal further and finding ways to cut costs for working families across the commonwealth to help people get the education they need for the careers they deserve here in Pennsylvania.”