Budgeting for OUR future

A key takeaway from Gov. Josh Shapiro’s FIRST budget address

In early March, Gov. Josh Shapiro delivered his first budget address to the General Assembly. Following his proposal, it was clear that his vision for the future of the commonwealth was one that had the best interests of all Pennsylvanians in mind.

From fair funding for education to raising the minimum wage, the governor outlined a proposal that addresses systematic issues that have been neglected by the majority party in the state House and Senate in years past. 

Given our new House majority, we’re working toward a final budget that addresses many of the key topics in the governor’s proposal because these are the same issues the House Democratic Caucus has advocated for in the past and continues to fight for today: better jobs, better schools, and safer communities.

I was especially encouraged by Shapiro’s roadmap to fairly fund education across the board, regardless of a student’s ZIP code. His proposal would more equitably fund public schools, while also earmarking state dollars to repair crumbling and unsafe schools, bolster apprenticeship programs, address mental health, and expand nutrition programs to combat hunger.

Fixing the issues that have plagued our education system for generations will take time, but I’m confident we now have the support to work toward a solution that will give every student the opportunity and resources to succeed in the classroom.

Our youngest neighbors – students – are our future. They’re Pennsylvania’s future. We must find common ground in Harrisburg to stop further marginalizing our students, and ensure that they each have an equitable chance to thrive academically, socially and civically no matter the wealth of the school district they attend.

The time for change is now. And House Democrats are already working toward mapping out a final and agreeable budget for June following the conclusion of the first round of budget hearings in the House Appropriations Committee.

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