McNeill reintroduces legislation aimed at capping insulin prices

HARRISBURG, Feb. 16 – State Reps. Jeanne McNeill, D-Lehigh, and Mike Zabel, D-Delaware, have reintroduced legislation aimed at capping out-of-pocket prescription insulin prices at $100 per month.

“Sadly, so many people are still struggling to pay for their insulin,” McNeill said. “There is no reason that people should continue to choose between food, consider traveling to Canada or turn to the black market in order to get financial relief from the costs of being insulin-dependent.”

Explaining that the legislation was first introduced in 2019 to cap out-of-pocket costs, McNeill reinforced the urgency of addressing the issue, especially considering the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the additional financial burdens it is placing on Pennsylvanians.

According to McNeill, without immediate intervention, the price of insulin is forecasted to reach an average of close to $13,000 per patient in just three years. House Bill 460 sets a mandatory price cap on the monthly cost of insulin for patients at $100 a month and calls on the state attorney general to investigate the choices made by pharmaceutical companies that have enabled patient out-of-pocket costs to continue rising.

“People were struggling to pay for their medications before the pandemic,” McNeill said. “The time to address this is now, especially as this drug is so vital to so many of our residents here in the commonwealth.”

The bill was referred to the House Insurance Committee on Feb. 9.