Grant to help enhance Lehigh Valley boxing program

HARRISBURG, May 16 – Lehigh County state Reps. Mike Schlossberg, Peter Schweyer, Jeanne McNeill and Josh Siegel said a $37,783 grant was approved today that will allow Lehigh Valley P4P Boxing to purchase a van to help transport its boxers to and from competitions in Lehigh County.

The funds were awarded by the Commonwealth Financing Authority to the city of Allentown on behalf of Lehigh Valley P4P Boxing, a nonprofit organization aimed at transforming local youth through its boxing programs based on the concepts of integrity, discipline, respect, values and morals. Currently, P4P Boxing Inc.’s coaches have to use their own vehicles to transport their student boxers to competitions. 

“It is a pleasure to work with Representatives Siegel, Schweyer and McNeill to make this announcement possible. Kids in our community need outlets to hone their body and minds and stay off the streets. We have great kids in our community and organizations like Lehigh Valley P4P Boxing give them positive outlets. Any support we can give them is good for our community,” Schlossberg said.

“Every parent knows the value of structured, after-school activities in providing our kids with an opportunity to grow as people. P4P Boxing provides another important opportunity to our kids to interact with adults who will provide mentorship and teach life skills like discipline and teamwork, all while learning a great sport,” Schweyer said.

“It is important that young people have various outlets to keep themselves busy, and this boxing program serves a dual purpose of providing a recreational outlet and helping to build friendships from being on a team together,” McNeill said.

“I am glad that my colleagues and I were able to come together to help Lehigh Valley P4P Boxing with this important purchase, and I wish the boxers the best in their upcoming matches,” Siegel said.