McNeill chemical-disclosure legislation voted out of House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee

HARRISBURG, April 9 – Legislation that would disclose to Pennsylvanians what chemicals are used in fracking, authored by state Rep. Jeanne McNeill, was voted out of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee today.

“In June 2020, the 43rd Statewide Grand Jury implored Pennsylvania to stop covering up what chemicals are used,” McNeill said. “They found that the state failed to protect Pennsylvanians from the risk of natural-gas operations, especially those who live near drilling sites and who have suffered severe health consequences from contaminated water because of it.

“Pennsylvanians deserve to know what chemicals are used in the fracking process to be able to make decisions to protect their health and safety.”

McNeill spoke of the transparency and accountability that her legislation would provide if signed into law.

“This bill would put the health of Pennsylvanians first by amending the Oil and Gas Act to remove the current exceptions to disclosure, which have allowed companies to hide the chemicals they use in the fracking process. It also would require disclosure of the chemicals that are being used 14 days prior to any use at any stage of the fracking process, including drilling,” she said.

H.B. 1943 has been sent to the full House for consideration.