Merski: More than $720,000 in grants to improve, expand sanitation services in Summit Township

ERIE, Aug. 17 – Dual grants to the Summit Township Sewer Authority totaling $721,125 will fund a sanitary system upgrade for higher-capacity, more efficient operations and expansion of services to additional properties, state Rep. Bob Merski, D-Erie, announced today.

Merski said the grants – both funded under the Commonwealth Financing Authority’s Small Water and Sewer Program – include $367,415 to install a new interceptor sewer, a large sewer line that transports sewage from branch lines directly to the treatment plant and $353,710 to expand sanitary sewer service to more properties.

“These grants are investments in community health, but they will also work to make Summit Township stronger and more prosperous by funding upgrades that will eliminate system overloads, offer taxpayers and businesses greater efficiency and expand service to new populations,” Merski said. “I’m so excited for the township to reap the benefits of the new and expanded infrastructure.”

Merski said the interceptor will provide additional capacity to the authority’s Route 97 sewer shed sanitary sewer conveyance system. By transporting sewage generated from south of Interstate 90 that is pumped by the Route 97 pump station, the new interceptor will eliminate a conveyance bottleneck north of Interstate 90. 

The project involves installation of more than 1,500 linear feet of gravity sewer, six 4-foot-diameter manholes, extension of existing force main to discharge into the new gravity interceptor, and connection of the new interceptor to an existing manhole at the downstream terminus point. With the addition of this funding and $64,839 committed from the authority, the project is fully funded.

The sewer system extension project will provide sewer access to 23 additional properties and includes installation of 1,150 linear feet of sewer line and 4-foot-diameter manholes. With the CFA grant funding and $62,420 in committed funds from the sewer authority, the project is also fully funded.