House Democratic Caucus Elects 2023/24 Leadership Team

Today, the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus unanimously re-elected its current Leadership team to serve in the 2023/24 legislative session. Following the vote, Caucus leaders issued the following statement:

We are humbled by the faith our colleagues have invested in us to continue to serve them as their leaders as we work to advance our People First agenda.

Pennsylvanians showed that they are tired of business as usual in Harrisburg. After having made one of the greatest gains in legislative seats in the past 50 years, we intend to exercise our heightened influence in every committee and on every bill.

Looking ahead, our caucus is excited to welcome our newest members and to work alongside Governor-elect Josh Shapiro and Lieutenant Governor-elect Austin Davis, to protect people’s access to health care – including women’s reproductive care, champion economic policies that favor Pennsylvania’s working families, fully and equitably fund our schools, and advocate for meaningful measures to make our communities safer. We remain steadfast in defending democracy and rejecting extremist policies that have become a mainstay of the House Republican platform in recent years. 

The 2023/24 PA House Democratic Leadership team:

Rep. Joanna E. McClinton, D- Phila/Delaware - Democratic Leader

Rep. Jordan Harris, D-Phila - Democratic Whip

Rep. Matt Bradford, D-Montgomery - Democratic Chairman, House Appropriations Committee

Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie - Chairman, House Democratic Policy Committee

Rep. Tina Davis, D-Bucks - Democratic Caucus Secretary

Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh - Democratic Caucus Administrator

Rep. Dan Miller, D-Allegheny - Democratic Caucus Chairman