O’Mara: More than $154K in state money headed to emergency responders in 165th Legislative District

SPRINGFIELD, Oct. 9 – State Rep. Jennifer O’Mara announced that several local fire and emergency services organizations will receive grants to offset the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through Act 26, the state made $50 million in grants available to fire and emergency medical services organizations that were affected by the pandemic. The funding can be used for operational and equipment expenses.

“Congratulations to all these hardworking companies on their well-deserved awards,” said O’Mara, D-Delaware. “Like so many funding opportunities these days, self-advocacy and careful tedious paperwork is a big part of bringing in the money to keep a company ready -- and most people don’t know that part of the job is another huge way these heroes are serving their communities.”

In the 165th Legislative District, grants were awarded as follows:

  • Broomall Fire Co.                                     $25,068
  • Morton-Rutledge Fire Co.                        $35,199
  • Radnor Fire Co. of Wayne Inc.                $25,342
  • Springfield Fire Co.                                  $24,520
  • Marple Township Ambulance Corps        $15,048
  • Radnor Fire Company of Wayne Inc.       $15,048
  • Villanova Emergency Medical Services   $14,129

“It bears repeating that even under normal circumstances, emergency responders are expected to put their lives before others on a weekly basis, but COVID-19 has taken that reality to a completely new and even more dangerous and stressful level,” O’Mara said. “Our mindful appreciation for all that they do to keep us safe is the very least that they deserve, and our expressed gratitude is always better. To that end, I encourage everyone to thank a first responder you know and/or find ways to support your companies.

“My office is always available to help those seeking ways to give back coordinate support for our community first responders – and I look forward to continuing advocating for their vital needs in both the state budget and in legislative policy.”

More information on the grants is available here.