O’Mara begins second term with calls to increase government transparency

HARRISBURG, Jan. 5 – State Rep. Jennifer O’Mara, D-Delaware, introduced a proposed change to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives’ operating rules which would allow Pennsylvanians to be more involved in the lawmaking process.

O’Mara’s amendment would increase transparency by giving the public more time -- a full 24 hours -- to provide input on legislation before it could pass the House. O’Mara said that under current House rules, elected representatives must only wait three hours before voting on a bill for final passage.

“The current three hours is not enough time for the people to dissect and seriously consider both sides to a bill,” O’Mara said. “What I’m proposing is more than a rules change, it’s a call for legislators to come together and bring their constituents’ specific input on legislation into the House chamber. We debate bills that could impact every resident of this commonwealth; their voices need to be heard.”

O’Mara is one of 10 House Democratic members introducing proposed changes to the House operating rules under a “People Before Politics” plan. The plan aims to increase openness, transparency and citizen control of the legislative process. More information on the plan is available here or by calling O’Mara’s office at 610-544-9878.