O’Mara, Guzman and Rozzi release statements on Berks County’s mail-in ballot error

READING, Oct. 22 — State Reps. Jennifer O’Mara, Manny Guzman and Mark Rozzi denounced Berks County commissioners’ colossal error disenfranchising Spanish speaking voters by providing the wrong return-by date on mail-in ballots with following statements:

“The people deserve answers. I am demanding an immediate full investigation into how this massive error could have happened – you don’t slip a finger and type ’18’ when you mean to type ‘2.’ And, if this is more than an accident, we need to demand resignations. For my part I am working with state Democratic leadership to convene a Policy Committee hearing in Reading to get the facts we all need to restore public trust. The actions of right-wing extremists in Harrisburg and Washington D.C. show us how fragile our democracy truly is – we cannot afford to shatter democracy in Berks County,” Guzman said.

“Voting is one of our most sacred rights in America, and if people are being told wrong information regarding elections – that’s voter suppression. This cannot be remedied by simply mailing a letter, the county commissioners need to be more open and proactive about correcting their mistake to ensure that every voice is heard on Election Day. The county commissioners’ failure to share accurate information is nothing but a veiled attempt at voter suppression, and Rep. Guzman and I will continue shedding light on this issue until it is resolved,” said O’Mara.

“The misprint in the Spanish instructions on Berks County’s mail-in ballots is a colossal mistake that needs to be addressed directly and immediately. Everyone is entitled to be heard on Election Day, and I will always fight to preserve this right for Pennsylvanians,” Rozzi said. 

Hispanic and Latinx residents make up more than 16% of Berks County’s population and 69% of Reading’s population. About 17,000 ballots included the incorrect date within their Spanish instructions.