PLBC members protest police brutality

HARRISBURG, June 8– Today, members of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus were joined by some of their Democratic colleagues to protest police brutality.

“George Floyd’s death sparked powerful and emotional protests across the country,” Kinsey said. “People are wondering whether they can trust their government to protect them, and we must show them we can. We have the power to change an unjust system that has held Black and white Pennsylvanians to different standards.”

Following the protest, Speaker Turzai said he would welcome a special session to review police reform bills, like Kinsey’s bill which would outlaw the use of the standard chokehold and define positional asphyxia as any action that inhibits breath or the flow of blood to the brain due to physical position.

The protest was planned by House members on the Police Reform Working Group, which also includes the chief defender of the Defender Association of Philadelphia, as well as several attorneys. Last week, the group put forward several proposals to address law enforcement misconduct and police-community relations.

Members of the group include:

  • Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus Chairman Stephen Kinsey
  • House Democratic Whip Jordan Harris
  • House Democratic Chairwoman Joanna McClinton
  • House Philadelphia Delegation Chairman Jason Dawkins
  • State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila.
  • State Rep. Danilo Burgos, D-Phila.
  • State Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila.
  • State Rep. Austin Davis, D-Allegheny.
  • State Rep. Ed Gainey, D-Allegheny.
  • State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila.
  • State Rep. Summer Lee, D-Allegheny.
  • State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila.
  • State Rep. Jake Wheatley, D-Allegheny.