PLBC statement on S.B. 106

Stripping human rights for ideology

HARRISBURG, July 8 – The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus released a statement on the controversial S.B. 106:

“While S.B. 106 was voted out of the House this evening, make no mistake – we will not stop the fight against this misguided measure. It’s journey to a full vote in the House has been purely partisan.

"In the shadow of night, the Pennsylvania Senate voted to usurp the legislative process and vote to approve S.B. 106 – a measure that could ultimately take away rights of women to make decisions about their own health and make it harder for the public at large, particularly in Black and brown communities, to vote. This slippery slope maneuvering within the legislature is setting a precedent that will have devastating ramifications for generations to come.

"The majority party is merely sidestepping the legislative process for their own personal ideology while stripping away basic rights for individuals -- some of the most precious and fought for rights that we have as Americans. If this were really about the will of the people, as the majority party has declared, we would be voting actual bills in the General Assembly. This is a secretive, power grab that will benefit one party, and they are doing it in a way that will change the course of legislating for a long time to come.”