Disability & Mental Health Summit Legislative Panel - Friday

(Apr 12, 2024)

Disability & Mental Health Summit Legislative Panel - Friday Read more


Disability & Mental Health Summit Legislative Panel - Thursday

(Apr 12, 2024)

Disability & Mental Health Summit Legislative Panel - Thursday Read more


McNeill, Policy Committee explore laws to protect consumers, flag water leaks

(Apr 02, 2024)

“Pennsylvania’s housing stock is among the oldest in the nation, and while residents can responsibly plan for expected repairs, being blindsided by an unseen water leak and unusually high water bill can financial cripple a family and household,” said Rep. McNeill, who represents portions of the city of Bethlehem, Hanover Township, Whitehall Township, Catasauqua, Coplay and Fountain Hill. “Residents are often unaware of an issue until a bill – sometimes only mailed quarterly – arrives with hundreds or even thousands more owed than expected. When a water bill increases, so does the sewer bill, which creates an even larger financial issue.” Read more


Red Flag Water Usage

(Apr 01, 2024)

Submitted testimony from Red Flag Water Usage hearing on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 in Bethlehem, Lehigh County. Read more


House Majority Policy Committee tours Google, talks artificial intelligence and internet safety

(Mar 13, 2024)

Building off recent conversations on artificial intelligence, the House Majority Policy Committee toured Google’s Pittsburgh offices and participated in a roundtable Wednesday morning to learn more about this new technology and discuss efforts to maintain child internet safety. Read more


Testifiers, lawmakers discuss positive impact unions have on business

(Mar 12, 2024)

Unions have long delivered for workers with higher wages and dignified benefits, but the House Majority Policy Committee and Rep. Nick Pisciottano (D-Allegheny) learned how the presence of unions benefits local business owners across Pennsylvania through improved productivity, increased retention of workers and productive collaboration between the employer and employees. Read more


Testifiers detail need to address blight, increase affordable housing in PA

(Mar 11, 2024)

Community leaders highlighted the need to build more affordable housing in in Allegheny County and across Pennsylvania but pointed to blighted homes and deserted buildings as a major barrier during a House Majority Policy hearing Monday morning. Read more


Testifiers, lawmakers maintain push for minimum wage increase

(Mar 06, 2024)

The House Majority Policy Committee gathered testimony from minimum wage earners and public policy experts during a hearing Wednesday as the push to finally increase the wage in Pennsylvania continues. Read more


Unfair education funding and its problems detailed by experts

(Mar 05, 2024)

After years of chronic underfunding, experts detail issues, need for change Read more


Ghost guns: Fueling real horror in PA communities

(Mar 04, 2024)

“It’s infuriating to know, as I mentioned during the judiciary committee hearing on HB 777, how quickly I could use my cellphone to purchase a ghost gun without any meaningful checks,” said meeting host Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, who represents portions of Philadelphia. “We are talking about untraceable firearms that can be assembled with ease. They are completely untraceable, and they are legal to purchase without any age requirement or background checks, and they are contributing to gun violence in all communities throughout Pennsylvania – and the nation.” Read more


Roundtable discusses contributions of Children’s Advocacy Centers

(Feb 29, 2024)

“When I learned about Child Advocacy Centers and their mission, I was so relieved these organizations and professionals are in place to support children throughout the state,” said Policy Committee roundtable host Rep. Justin Fleming, who represents portions of Lower Paxton and Susquehanna townships as well as the borough of Pennbrook in Dauphin County. “If we really want to support children and their recovery, then we need to prioritize Child Advocacy Centers.” Read more


Children's Advocacy Center

(Feb 29, 2024)

Children's Advocacy Centers Read more


Committee highlights House steps to address public safety

(Feb 27, 2024)

“The Safe Communities Grant Program is another tool in our toolbox to improve public safety and keep our children and young people safe by directly addressing crime and gun violence in our communities,” Green said. “I am grateful the House supported and passed my bill in July, because this program could help all communities by ensuring public spaces are safe spaces.” Read more


Safe Communities

(Feb 27, 2024)

Submitted testimony for the Policy Committee hearing on Feb. 27 in Harrisburg on Safe Communities. The hearing host is Rep. Roni Green. Read more


Testifiers highlight need to protect consumers from misleading contracts

(Feb 26, 2024)

The House Majority Policy Committee met Monday morning to gather testimony on what can be done to better protect Pennsylvanians from entering misleading, confusing contracts. Read more


Protecting Consumers from Misleading Contracts

(Feb 26, 2024)

Testimony for HDPC hearing on Protecting Consumers from Misleading Contracts Read more


FAFSA changes focus of latest House Majority Policy hearing

(Feb 21, 2024)

Changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and its impact on students was the subject of Wednesday’s House Majority Policy Committee hearing, hosted by Rep. Melissa Cerrato (D-Montgomery). Read more


Committee hearing focuses on improving public transportation

(Feb 20, 2024)

“Public transportation is a critical lifeline for residents in my district, it is the one thing that connects us as a community,” said Rep. Waxman, who requested and hosted the hearing. “What makes my district in Philadelphia unique is we have more residents that rely on public transit to get to work and their daily needs like doctor appointments, but we also have one of the most active districts for visitors traveling into our district through public transportation.” Read more


Public Transit Funding

(Feb 19, 2024)

Public Transit Funding Read more


PA House, Senate Dem Policy Committees convene joint hearing on eviction sealing

(Feb 15, 2024)

The Pennsylvania House and Senate Democratic Policy Committees teamed up for a joint hearing Thursday morning to gather testimony on the need for eviction sealing in Pennsylvania. Read more