Pennsylvania Legislative Latino Caucus announces the addition of new members to the group

Reps. Lindsay Powell, Heather Boyd and Carol Kazeem join organization

HARRISBURG, Nov. 21 – The Pennsylvania Legislative Latino Caucus announced today the addition of three new members. 

Chairman Danilo Burgos explained that the new members, Reps. Lindsay Powell, D-Allegheny, and Heather Boyd and Carol Kazeem, both D-Delaware, will bring a wealth of experience, passion and dedication to the Latino Caucus.  

“Their diverse backgrounds and perspectives will contribute significantly to our ongoing efforts to advocate for the interests and well-being of Pennsylvania's Latino community,” Burgos said.

"Their commitment to fostering inclusivity and addressing the unique challenges faced by the Latino community will undoubtedly enhance the impact of our collective advocacy. We are building a more inclusive and equitable future for all Pennsylvanians," he added.

Kazeem said that the only way to address issues relevant to the Latino population is to through a collective effort.

“I believe the Latino Caucus understands the challenges and concerns of the community and is continually igniting changes,” Kazeem said. “I am glad to be part of this great force and I am looking forward to engaging in advocacy of policies that would ensure the progress of all Latinos in the commonwealth.” 

Boyd expressed similar sentiments and highlighted her excitement on becoming an active member of the PA Latino Caucus.

“It is an honor to join the Pennsylvania Legislative Latino Caucus,” Boyd said. “I am excited to contribute to the advocacy for the community’s needs and aspirations and I look forward to working collaboratively with my colleagues. I entirely support all initiatives that can help contribute to the enhancement of diversity and inclusion in Pennsylvania.” 

Powell exalted her Latino heritage and her determination to help the Latino population in Pennsylvania. 

“Mi gente! As a woman with proud Panamanian roots, I'm thrilled to advocate for Latine people as a new member of the PA Latino Caucus. Thank you to Chairman Rep Burgos and caucus members for welcoming me,” Powell said.