May 13, 2024 Email

(May 16, 2024)

Representatives are back in their districts this week, and I’ve been fortunate to meet with residents about their priorities for the budget this year! Read more


Powell: More than $62,000 secured for improvements to Stephen Foster Community Center

(May 14, 2024)

PITTSBURGH, May 14 – The Stephen Foster Community Center is receiving $62,558 for capital improvements and renovations, state Rep. Lindsay Powell announced today. Powell, D-Allegheny, said the competitive grant from the state Department of Aging is a smart investment in a well-loved community gathering place. “The center plays a key role for so many seniors by offering meals and transportation, health and wellness programs, and classes and trips,” Powell said. “Possibly most important, it brings people together for conversation, community engagement, and all the other activities that go hand in hand with healthy aging. “The new funding will help ensure that the many seniors who love and use the center will be able to do so in the safest, most comfortable setting possible. I’m grateful to the center staff and Catholic Youth Organization for all they do to make the center a vital place in so many people’s lives, and I’m thankful to the Department of Aging and our community partners for the new funding that will keep it thriving.” More information about the competitive grants as well as additional, non-competitive grants to area senior centers is available here . Read more


Powell praises $75,000 in grants for community improvements in district

(May 13, 2024)

PITTSBURGH, May 13 – State Rep. Lindsay Powell, D-Allegheny, announced that a total of $75,000 in state grants has been awarded to help communities in Pennsylvania’s 21st Legislative District become safer, easier to navigate and focused on the future. The state Department of Community and Economic Development awarded $50,000 to Reserve Township to finish repairs to Logan Street, which links Millvale Borough to Reserve Township. Powell said this crucial corridor helps facilitate fast travel for each other’s first responders to provide mutual aid and connects residents with area shopping, restaurants and places of worship. These funds will be utilized to install a retaining wall to prevent a future landslide, stabilize the slope, and implement traffic safety improvements to the route. “Reserve Township’s residents and first responders deserve a quick route to and from Millvale Borough because lives literally depend on it,” Powell said. “Our region is prone to landslides, as a result of our beautiful but volatile landscapes, and it was my privilege to bring back these crucial dollars to our neighbors.” “State Representative Powell was instrumental in facilitating a state grant that allowed Reserve Township to rebuild the failing retaining wall and get this route reopened again after a closure of more than two years,” said Jan Kowalski, Reserve Township’s manager. Etna Borough received $25,000 from Read more


May 6, 2024 Email

(May 08, 2024)

Stalking impacts nearly 7.5 million Americans every year. Now, devices like Apple’s AirTag are so discrete that a stalker can drop the device into their victim's pocket or purse without the victim being aware. I’m proud to say, however, that legislation passed the PA House to keep up with these individuals seeking to do harm. Read more


April 29, 2024 Email

(May 01, 2024)

The federal Affordable Connectivity Program is officially at an end as of this email. Read more


Powell’s bill to prohibit remote stalking passes Pa. House

(Apr 30, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 30 – State Rep. Lindsay Powell’s bill that would ban tracking via a feature on devices manufactured by Apple Inc. passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives today. The legislation, H.B. 416 , would forbid the use of AirTags for any nefarious motive, with an emphasis on remote stalking. Bad actors have utilized AirTags to put trackers on vehicles and pinpoint the location of their victims. “Stalking in any form directly or indirectly impacts far too many residents in our state, country and worldwide. Not only that, the consistent advent of new technologies has made life even more perilous for people subjected to this crime,” Powell, D-Allegheny, said. “This bill would help neighbors stay safer across the commonwealth and keep them on level ground with people seeking to do them harm.” Multiple plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple in December of 2022 for remote stalking and despite the company’s attempt to dismiss the case, it is moving forward. AirTags, launched more than three years ago, is intended to help individuals find items that are often misplaced, such as keys, wallets or bookbags. The bill now heads to the state Senate for consideration. Read more


Reps. Lindsay Powell and Aerion A. Abney: Bridging Pa.’s digital divide

(Apr 25, 2024)

Covid-19 not only resulted in immeasurable loss of life, it also permanently altered life as we knew it. The base of operations that is home shed its more proverbial association and became the place where business in all its forms got done. Computers and internet access represented a lifeline for people forging ahead through this once-in-a-generation health crisis. Read more


April 22, 2024 Email

(Apr 24, 2024)

I hope everyone got out and rocked the vote yesterday on Primary Day, whether at polling places throughout the county, or by mail-in, or absentee ballot! Read more


Powell appointed to PA Children’s Trust Fund board

(Apr 18, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 18 – State Rep. Lindsay Powell, D-Allegheny, has been selected to join the board of the Pennsylvania Children’s Trust Fund . Powell was appointed to the board by House Speaker Joanna McClinton, D-Delaware/Phila., and Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., who is the House chair of the Children and Youth Committee. “I’m honored to be a member of the PA Children’s Trust Fund board and lend my voice to the tremendous work and advocacy done on behalf of the health and well-being of children across the Commonwealth. Every child deserves the right to live their best life and have all opportunities available to them to succeed,” Powell said. “Thank you Speaker McClinton and Rep. Bullock for entrusting me with this new role.” The Pennsylvania Children’s Trust Fund, established almost 35 years ago, is dedicated to funding innovative and creative community-based child abuse and neglect prevention programs. Specific emphasis for funding is placed on primary prevention programs, which focus on the prevention of abuse before it occurs. The organization’s board consists of three members of the state House of Representatives, three members of the state Senate, and nine citizens appointed by the governor and confirmed by majority vote in the Senate. Read more


April 15, 2024 Email

(Apr 16, 2024)

We seem to finally have a break from the torrential rain from these past two weeks, and I hope you got to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather this past Sunday! Read more


April 8, 2024 Email

(Apr 10, 2024)

Reps. Aerion Abney, Roni Green, and I have introduced legislation that mirrors the federal Affordable Connectivity Program on a state level. Read more


Powell, Abney, Green introduce affordable internet bill

(Apr 09, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 9 – State Reps. Lindsay Powell and Aerion Abney, both D-Allegheny, and state Rep. Roni Green, D-Phila., introduced legislation that would mirror the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program and create a similar program in Pennsylvania. This legislation ( H.B. 2195 ) would provide eligible households with $30 per month to apply towards their broadband internet access, an essential service that increases employment, educational and health outcomes. “Over 739,000 households in Pennsylvania benefited from this federal program and while it’s shameful that Congress has yet to reauthorize funding, the General Assembly and the governor have the opportunity to help hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians access stable broadband,” Powell said. Abney highlighted a specific demographic the bill would concentrate on by saying, “Kindergartners through high school seniors must be able to learn and access coursework online. Our bill would help provide these necessities and ensure learning gaps are bridged.” “Governor Shapiro’s economic development strategy is bold and will ensure Pennsylvania prospers in the coming decades,” Powell said. “Increasing access to affordable broadband internet is a critical component to setting our economy on a path toward innovation and resilient growth.” Pennsylvania’s digital divide is real, with 25% of Latino and 35% of Black Read more


April 1, 2024 Email

(Apr 03, 2024)

I’m happy to announce that a Multimodal Transportation Fund grant was awarded last week to provide for safer and streamlined travel throughout Pittsburgh. Read more


Powell applauds $450,000+ grant for improved community navigation

(Mar 28, 2024)

PITTSBURGH, March 28 – State Rep. Lindsay Powell, D-Allegheny, announced that a state grant has been awarded for safer and streamlined travel throughout Pittsburgh. Hullett Development Triangle LP received a $452,424 Multimodal Transportation Fund grant for sidewalk improvements around the Hullett Triangle Building. “Making these needed remedies to pathways used by residents and visitors alike on a daily basis is integral to connecting them with places of employment, health facilities, housing, shopping destinations, and much more,” Powell said. “This grant will help keep neighbors safe and translate into crucial dollars to help fuel the local economy.” MTF grants are facilitated by the Commonwealth Financing Authority and help to provide a reliable system of transportation to residents statewide. Monies may be used for the development, rehabilitation and enhancement of transportation assets to existing communities, streetscape, lighting, sidewalk enhancement, pedestrian safety, connectivity of transportation assets and transit-oriented development. Read more


Reps. Labs and Powell introduce bipartisan effort to expand protections for victims of violent crimes

(Mar 27, 2024)

HARRISBURG, March 27 – State Reps. Shelby Labs, R-Bucks, and Lindsay Powell, D-Allegheny, have introduced the Victims of Violence Relocation Act. Under the legislation ( H.B. 2162 ), eligible violent crime survivors would be entitled to relocation assistance and extend the timeframe for requesting such assistance from 90 to 180 days after the crime occurred. The legislators said this would allow survivors more time to access necessary support and ensure they can utilize federal documentation to validate their need for relocation. “Increasing protections for all victims as they heal is vital,” said Labs. “This bipartisan legislation improves on the steps taken by Act 148 of 2018 and makes sure that more of Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable can be supported and protected. I want to thank Representative Powell for partnering with me to introduce this crucial bill that protects victims of violent crime across the Commonwealth.” “I’m proud to partner with Representative Labs to introduce this critical legislation that will ensure survivors of violent crime have the needed agency to navigate their recovery journey,” Powell added. “My heart breaks for these victims, and it’s imperative that we take steps to alleviate unnecessary burdens to help them address their trauma.” The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence said one in three women, one in four men and nearly half of LGBTQ+ Read more


March 25, 2024 Email

(Mar 26, 2024)

I was excited to be back on the PA Turnpike this past week headed to Harrisburg to vote on important legislation that will directly improve Pennsylvania’s ease of living and economic competitiveness. Read more


Treasury Returns More Than $200,000 in Unclaimed Property to Residents and Businesses in Pittsburgh at Events Hosted by Rep. Lindsay Powell

(Mar 26, 2024)

Treasurer Stacy Garrity and state Rep. Lindsay Powell (D-21) announced today that more than $200,000 in unclaimed property is being returned to residents and businesses in Pittsburgh following recent events hosted by Rep. Powell. Read more


Allegheny County Board of Health proposes safer conditions for renters

(Mar 08, 2024)

The Allegheny County Board of Health is addressing the relationship between landlords and tenants. Read more


Powell and Abney to host landlord and tenant rights panel

(Feb 29, 2024)

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 29 – State Reps. Lindsay Powell and Aerion Abney, both D-Allegheny, will hold a landlord and tenant legal rights panel on Thursday, March 7 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Tripoli Street Community Center . “Fair and equitable housing is a right every neighbor should be able to acquire,” Powell said. “I’m looking forward to having a productive conversation with renters and property managers about their rights under the law.” “Fostering strong professional relationships between landlords and tenants is an important aspect when it comes to limiting displacement,” Abney added. “Laying out the legal rights of both parties with the citizens I represent will help accomplish that goal.” Local magistrates will also be present to provide additional information. Tripoli Street Community Center is located at 816 Tripoli St. , Pittsburgh 15212. Read more


Powell signs on as primary sponsor of legislation to decrease displacement & gentrification through tax increment financing

(Feb 26, 2024)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 26 – State Rep. Lindsay Powell, D-Allegheny, has signed on as the sponsor of a bill that would utilize tax increment financing dollars for keeping individuals and families in their homes in TIF-designated districts. The legislation, H.B. 1064 , would update the Tax Increment Financing Act and allow designated districts to fund affordable housing, foreclosure and rental assistance, and workforce programs with TIF dollars. The bill would also increase the lifespan of TIF districts from 20 to 25 years and convert more of such collected monies into projects aimed at the measures outlined above. “TIFs have been an integral component of revitalizing economically distressed areas. Funding for anti-displacement activities, however, have never been allowable costs under prior TIF guidelines,” Powell said. “While we’ve seen areas rebound as a result of this program, long-time neighborhood residents have lost their homes because of resulting increases in property values and taxes. My amendment aims to prevent those consequences in future TIF districts. “These are commonsense changes to the program that should garner bipartisan support,” Powell continued. “From speaking with residents, community organizations and partners in the public and private sectors, we all want to see our region thrive. This legislation would make TIF districts more effective and equitable.” House Bill 1064 was originally Read more