Powell: More than $672,000 awarded to fund District 21 water infrastructure projects, revive nonprofit arts and cultural organizations

PITTSBURGH, Dec. 19 – State Rep. Lindsay Powell announced today that new funding of $672,153 was awarded to benefit the 21st Legislative District, including $387,993 to help nonprofit arts and cultural organizations recover from the pandemic and $284,160 to fund two municipal sewer projects.

Powell said the funding to area arts and cultural centers will also benefit the local economy.

“The pandemic’s closures and cancellations had a devastating impact on our local artists, theaters, museums and other arts and cultural organizations, and many are still struggling to fully recover. Neighboring bars, restaurants and other small businesses felt the impact, as well,” Powell said. “This new funding to help revive the arts will help bring back more of the events, exhibits and performances our community loves, and in the process, stimulate more local business activity.”

The funding – awarded under the COVID-19 ARPA Arts and Culture Recovery Program to offset losses and fund operations and programming – includes the following:

  • Associated Artists of Pittsburgh – $12,699.
  • Attack Theatre Inc. – $33,291.
  • Assemble Inc. – $30,738.
  • Calliope House Inc. – $14,269.
  • Chatham Baroque Inc. – $21,280.
  • Heinz History Center – $95,000.
  • Open Up Pittsburgh – $10,000.
  • Pittsburgh Opera Inc. – $95,000.
  • Society to Preserve the Millvale Murals of Maxo Vanka – $14,111.
  • The Clemente Collection at Engine House 25 – $30,751.
  • The Society for Arts In Crafts, doing business as Contemporary Craft – $30,854.

Powell said that in addition to arts funding, two municipalities were awarded combined funding of $284,160 for sewer projects under the COVID-19 ARPA PA Small Water and Sewer Program. The funding covers:

  • Etna Borough – $201,506 for a project to separate stormwater from a combined sewer line.
  • Reserve Township – $82,654 for a sanitary sewer lining project.

“Reliable water and wastewater services are essential for residents and small businesses,” Powell said. “I want to thank CFA for the new funding, as these projects will have a direct, positive impact on public health and quality of life in both communities.”

More information about the COVID-19 ARPA Arts and Culture Recovery Program is available here: https://dced.pa.gov/programs/covid-19-arpa-pa-arts-and-culture-recovery-program-pacr/#:~:text=The%20COVID-19%20ARPA%20PA,arts%20and%20culture%20sector%20from.

More about the COVID-19 ARPA PA Small Water and Sewer Program is available here: https://dced.pa.gov/programs/covid-19-arpa-pa-small-water-sewer/.