State Rep. Amen Brown helps secure multiple grants for district

State Rep. Amen Brown helps secure multiple grants for district

Grants approved today by Commonwealth Financing Authority

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 19 – State Rep. Amen Brown, D-Phila., today announced state grants totaling nearly $397,000 to improve the quality of life of his constituents by enhancing safety measures around his district.

Brown helped to secure $40,000 for Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, which sees approximately 180,000 visitors yearly. The current entrance is a dangerous spot for pick-ups and drop-offs due to traffic and unsafe driving patterns. The project includes a one-way driving loop to help avoid traffic accidents. It also will be made ADA accessible, providing easier access to the park.

Fairmount Park Conservancy received $220,000 to start the planning process of improving transportation throughout West Fairmount Park. The project will include sidewalk improvements, ADA ramps at all street crossings, and the improvement of pedestrian and bike routes to make it a safe environment for everyone.

VICA and 4151 Lancaster Avenue LLC will renovate their training center with a $136,728 grant. This will fix their sidewalks, provide tree removal, and install lighting to create a safer connection around the facility.

“I am delighted to partner with businesses and organizations in our community that are working to provide safe and easy access to recreational activities and training centers for working people - improving the quality of life for the residents of Philadelphia,” Brown said. “I am happy to see the investments in our communities.”

Brown said part of his job as state representative is to connect community partners with available state funding. Businesses and organizations looking to secure grants from the state can request a letter of support from him for their project via a form on his legislative website, at this link: Grant Support Letter Request Form (