Brown offers statement on mass shooting at Roxborough High School

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 28 -- State Rep. Amen Brown, D-Phila., said that he is exhausted, fed up, and saddened by yet another senseless shooting, this time at Roxborough High School, where five students were shot after a football scrimmage.  

Fourteen-year-old Nicholas Elizalde was killed in the shooting at Roxborough High and four teenagers were injured.

“We need to realize what is actually happening here,” Brown said. “Every elected official has offered condolences to victims, something that happens every time one of these tragedies happens, but where are the real solutions that can be implemented now to have an impact that won’t take years?  

“While certain gun restrictions can have benefits, we cannot just focus on that. Most of the weapons used in these shootings are illegal weapons such as ghost guns and straw purchases,” Brown continued.  

Brown is adamant that holding people accountable and removing these illegal weapons from the streets is the way to start to mend the wounds caused by the gun violence epidemic.   

"We keep saying enough is enough, but we must put some real action behind those words,” Brown said. “Our communities deserve to feel safe; our youth deserve to live past the age of 18, and families deserve to not have to lose loved ones to senseless violence.” 

Brown has introduced legislation that would require identification to enter gun shows and is responsible for negotiating a historic ghost gun ban with Eagle Arms gun shows to stop selling ghost guns.