Brown’s statement on officer shooting

State Rep. Amen Brown, D-Phila., is once again calling on Philadelphia city officials to act on the violence in the city in the wake of three SWAT officers being shot while serving a warrant. 

“We have reached a point of critical mass where lawlessness and lack of accountability are destroying our city,” Brown said.  

 “Where is City Council? Where is Mayor Kenney? We keep hearing that ‘enough is enough’ and that we need to stop the violence – but no immediate solutions are being offered.”  

 Brown has previously called on city officials to call for a state of emergency in Philadelphia, but now said it’s imperative that this happens immediately.   

 “Something has to be done,” Brown added. “It’s not sustainable for the city to continue in chaos, and as elected officials, it’s our job to enact laws that protect the people of Philadelphia.”