Brown responds to police officer struck by ATV

Commends law enforcement leadership for addressing nuisance vehicles

State Rep. Amen Brown said he sends his sympathy and well wishes to the police officer who was injured after he was struck by an ATV – allegedly intentionally.

"Philadelphia's streets should be pathways of safety and community, not arenas for illegal ATVs to wreak havoc,” Brown said.

“The issue of nuisance and illegal dirt bikes and ATVs has been prevalent and unmitigated since before I took office and since then I have fought alongside colleagues from city and state government to bring peace to our streets. They are called dirt bikes for a reason. They don’t belong on our city streets.”

The statement comes after a police officer who works in Philadelphia Police’s ATV unit was struck by an ATV, which police alleged was intentional. The incident occurred on Tuesday near the Packer Avenue exit on Interstate 95.

Throughout his time in office, Brown has called on the state police to curb nuisance vehicles, held policy hearings with officials and spoke with groups of riders to implement solutions.

“I am thankful for the new leaderships within law enforcement that is instilling change in our city and letting us reclaim our streets,” Brown said. “Their dedication to protecting our communities is admirable and invaluable and I look forward to continue working with both city and state colleagues to get this issue under control.”