Sappey applauds more than $970,000 in grants for parks and conservation projects

HARRISBURG, Jan. 4 – State Rep. Christina Sappey, D-Chester, announced four local projects are set to receive a combined $972,000 in Community Conservation Partnership Program grants.

“Preserving open space remains a priority for residents of Chester County. It’s important for several reasons, not just the beneficial recreation opportunities preservation creates, but holding on to as much pervious surface as possible helps prevent flooding. Open Space also increases property values and tourism revenue,” Sappey said. “This investment in our future will enhance the quality of life for our area and will have lasting impacts for generations to come.”

The grants include:

  • New Garden Township: $250,000 to rehabilitate the St. Anthony’s in the Hills Park. Work will include construction of an internal loop trail, parking area and stormwater management measures; installation of play equipment with required safety surfacing, riparian buffers and lighting; ADA access, landscaping, project signage and other related site improvements.

  • New Garden Township: $582,000 to purchase approximately 105 acres along McCue Road and Church Road for a new township park.

  • Chester County: $60,000 to prepare a countywide trail plan.

  • Chester County Water Resources Authority: $80,000 to prepare an update to the 2002 River Conservation Plan for multiple watersheds in the county.

Community Conservation Partnership Program grants are administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The grants provide local governments and recreation and conservation organizations with funding.