Institutionalized Disadvantage Virtual Panel Discussions

I want to express my gratitude to all of those who took the time to participate in my virtual panel discussions. Links are provided below to watch at your convenience.

Click here to watch our fifth discussion, "Institutionalized Disadvantage:Justice Reform".


Click here to watch our fourth discussion, "Institutionalized Disadvantage, a Law Enforcement Perspective." This discussion included panelists from several local and regional law enforcement agencies. 

We concluded our summer series on Institutionalized Disadvantage with a discussion on law enforcement, the community, and healing. Our panelists were able to provide further insights into how law enforcement in our local communities have been reacting to the acts of violence and racism we are seeing across the country, as well as our spiritual and community leaders.

Click here to watch our third discussion, “Institutionalized Disadvantage: Law Enforcement, the Community and Healing.”