House Education Committee advances bills to address teacher shortages & student protections

HARRISBURG, April 26 – Following through on his commitment to putting students and educators first, the PA House Education Committee chaired by state Rep. Peter Schweyer, this week advanced legislation to address shortages and student protections.

“Every Pennsylvania student is entitled to a quality education and unfortunately Pennsylvania faces an education crisis with teachers leaving the profession early and teaching becoming a profession many higher-education students do not want to study,” said Schweyer, D-Lehigh. “These measures would help school districts recruit and maintain the high-caliber teachers that are needed and also help students to achieve the best possible pathway to success.”

According to Schweyer, the House Education Committee approved the following bills at this week’s meetings:

HB 100 – Would amend the Public-School Code to require the State Board of Education to establish a tutoring program for students in grades eleven and twelve. 

HB 141 – Would establish the Grow Our Own Educators Program.

HB 688 – Would amend the Public-School Code to establish the PA Teacher Pipeline Scholarship Program.

Schweyer added, earlier this month the House Education Committee advanced four other bills which provide protections for students and improve the quality of their education.

HB 148 – Would create an Eating Disorders Taskforce within the PA Department of Education.

HB 301 – Would eliminate derogatory and outdated terminology from the Public-School Code.

HB 663 – Would prohibit a school district from removing a child from school until the residency dispute has been fully resolved. 

HB 668 – Would expand the eligibility requirements for the Fostering Independence Tuition Waiver Program to include children who are placed into kinship care but would have otherwise been in the foster care system.

“Equal access to education remains at the top of my legislative priorities and as we work to solve this education crisis in Pennsylvania, it is critical that we pass bills which support both students and educators,” added Schweyer.

All seven measures will now be brought to the full House for consideration.