House Democratic Caucus condemns House Republican interference in Lehigh Valley election

(Nov 19, 2021)

The threatening letter sent to the Lehigh County Board of Elections this week by state House Republican Leadership is another attack meant to undermine the public’s confidence in Pennsylvania’s election system and is an overstep of our role as state legislators. Read more


Schweyer: Stop the Political Theater

(Nov 16, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer spoke in opposition to Senate Bill 565, legislation that would effectively abolish the requirement to possess a concealed carry permit. Schweyer believes the legislature is wasting valuable time discussing bills that ultimately face a veto by Gov. Wolf. Read more


Schweyer Community Conversation with Adam Garber of CeaseFirePA

(Nov 16, 2021)

As the state House prepares for a potential vote to change Pennsylvania's firearms laws regarding concealed carry, Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer sits down with Adam Garber from CeaseFirePA for a Community Conversation on this important piece of legislation. Read more


Schweyer: Increase Access and Affordability of Broadband

(Nov 10, 2021)

At a public hearing of the House Consumer Affairs Committee on expanding rural broadband, Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer discusses the importance of increasing its access and affordability in urban areas like Allentown and the challenges in doing so with an underserved and transient population. Read more


Schweyer: $800,000 in tax credits to boost Allentown revitalization projects

(Nov 10, 2021)

ALLENTOWN, Nov. 10 – Funding in the amount of $800,000 in tax credits has been awarded to two Allentown projects which will expand access to low-income housing and expand youth education programs and resources, state Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, announced today. “Whether it’s expanding access to affordable housing or giving our children a safe place to go after school to strengthen their minds and bodies, these are investments that make a difference,” Schweyer said. “These tax credits will not only create a place families can call home, or a place for kids to grow to their full potential, it also continues to build relationships where neighbors and organizations work together to improve the community.” Schweyer said the tax credits include $280,000 to the Housing Association & Development Corporation for the construction of four new townhomes for low-income families and the rehabilitation of three additional affordable rental housing units. Additionally, $520,000 was awarded to Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown for its acquisition and renovation of a community center and continuation of youth education programs. NAP is designed to encourage investment in distressed communities by providing tax credits to businesses that donate capital. The program can be used for projects such as affordable housing, education, charitable food, crime prevention and other long-term community revitalization. More about the Read more


Spring 2021 Newsletter

(Nov 04, 2021)

The last year and a half have been a time of extraordinary loss, sadness and hardship for us all. But for all the challenges we have endured as a community and a nation, I believe we have turned a corner and are now in the homestretch of the COVID-19 crisis. This is a credit to all of us including first responders, frontline workers, teachers and regular citizens everywhere who pitched in to help our neighbors. Read more


Schweyer’s office hosting veterans outreach Nov. 19

(Nov 04, 2021)

ALLENTOWN, Nov. 4 – Area veterans, who may not be aware of the services or benefits available to them or their families, are encouraged to participate in state Rep. Peter Schweyer’s monthly support program at his district office in Allentown. A representative from the American Legion will be available for in-person appointments from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19 at Schweyer’s district office , 1501 Lehigh St., Suite 206. The representative will be able to discuss pensions and other compensation, as well as education, health care and death benefits. The representative is available for appointments on the third Friday of every month . “This is a great way to give back to the selfless men and women who served our country and protected our freedom,” said Schweyer, D-Lehigh. “They deserve every benefit entitled to them for their service and my office is pleased to offer assistance.” Legion membership is not required; however, anyone interested in speaking with the adviser should schedule appointments by contacting Schweyer’s office at 610-791-6270. Masks are required and CDC guidelines must be followed during the appointment. Read more


Schweyer Community Conversation with Dr. Kimberly Levitt

(Nov 03, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer sat down with Dr. Kimberly Levitt from the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in Allentown to discuss the importance of flu shots and some general health tips as we head into the winter months. Read more


Pennie's Open Enrollment Period is now open

(Nov 01, 2021)

Pennie is Pennsylvanian's insurance marketplace and provides individuals and families with the ability to shop for high-quality health care plans and easily apply for financial assistance. Read more


LIHEAP: Expanded Home-Heating Assistance is Available to PA Renters, Homeowners

(Oct 21, 2021)

LIHEAP is a federally funded program administered by the Department of Human Services that provides assistance for home heating bills so Pennsylvanians can stay warm and safe during the winter months. Read more


Schweyer, Schlossberg to host job fair October 7

(Sep 30, 2021)

ALLENTOWN, Sept. 30 – State Reps. Peter Schweyer and Mike Schlossberg, both D-Lehigh, will host a job fair from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 7 at IBEW Local 375, located at 101 South 7th St., Allentown. “As we continue the economic recovery from the pandemic, there are several industries right here in our community with good job openings who are looking for workers,” Schweyer said. “My hope is this event will be a one-stop shop for prospective employees to find the positions which match their skills with these companies.” “Across the region, workers are looking for jobs and employers are looking for workers,” Schlossberg said. “This job fair is meant to help build bridges so people can find jobs and employers can find workers, and I hope we can help make those connections.” Attendees will be able to meet with representatives from the building trades, Civil Service Commission, Lehigh Valley CareerLink and many other organizations and businesses from the greater Lehigh Valley. Both representatives and their staff will also be in attendance to meet attendees and answer any of their state-related questions. Read more


Schweyer: It’s Time to End The Mask Debate

(Sep 20, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer is calling on his colleagues to put an end to the public school masking debate and return their focus to issues that matter for families in the Allentown School District and communities across the commonwealth. Read more


Schweyer: PA Republican election clown show must end

(Sep 16, 2021)

If you own an iPhone, you probably just completed a security update to your system. (If you haven’t done so, you really ought to as there is new malware/virus that allows your phone to be hacked without your knowledge.) Think about all the personal information on your phone: user ID and passwords for email and social media accounts, banking information, personal health records, even your facial scan or fingerprint. Think of how much damage could be caused to your credit, employment and privacy if that information were to be released. Your personal data is in many places beyond your smartphone, from your doctor’s office to your garbage bin. Many folks don’t think about it, but your personal information is also in many government departments, including your county’s voter registration office. Citizens should absolutely expect that their vote is private. And it should go without saying that personal voter information, including Social Security numbers, should be kept safe by voter registration offices and the Pennsylvania Department of State. This has always been a top priority. But this week in a brazen, ultra-partisan vote, the Republicans in the state Senate voted to put millions of Pennsylvania citizens’ personal information at risk. Let me explain: As you know, former President Donald Trump and many of his minions are claiming that the 2020 election was “rigged.” Of course, the 2020 presidential election was a fair Read more


Schweyer announces $223,000 state grant to prevent gun violence

(Sep 08, 2021)

State Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, today announced a state grant totaling $223,300 has been awarded to Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley for its ongoing Zero Youth Violence gun violence prevention initiatives. Read more


Schweyer to highlight Allentown’s Neighborhood Improvement Zone at Policy Committee tour Tuesday

(Aug 30, 2021)

LEHIGH, Aug. 30 – The benefits of Pennsylvania’s Neighborhood Improvement Zone program will be on display for policy makers at a Democratic Policy Committee tour hosted by state Rep. Peter Schweyer. The tour -- from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 31 -- will begin at the IBEW Local 375, 101 S. 7 th St., Allentown. The media is encouraged to attend. Lawmakers from across the state, including Chairman Ryan Bizzarro, will join Schweyer for a look at how the NIZ -- currently funded by 97% state tax revenue and 3% local revenue -- has worked to attract developers and revitalize downtown Allentown. Media inquiries may be submitted to . Read more


Why Allentown’s new Hays Elementary School is such a big deal

(Aug 27, 2021)

Allentown’s newest community asset finally is going to be used to its full potential.Brigadier General Anna Mae Hays Elementary School will be filled with children soon. Read more


Schweyer: New Emergency Operations Center Would Enhance Public Safety in Allentown

(Aug 19, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer speaks with Allentown Fire Chief Efrain Agosto about proposed plans to build a new emergency operations center and training facility for the Allentown Fire Department. Schweyer says this new facility would be an important upgrade for public safety, providing enhanced emergency response capabilities and modern equipment, along with expanded training programs to keep our first responders prepared to tackle any emergency. Read more


Schweyer Visits Mountain House Girl Scout Camp

(Aug 18, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer visited the Mountain House Girl Scout Camp to see first-hand how the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania are building the female leaders of tomorrow through a variety of learning experiences. Schweyer, a strong advocate for education, says these programs teach unique skills outside the traditional classroom environment and provide Allentown girls with outdoor experiences they might not have access to in the city. Read more


Schweyer Talks Education at the James Lawson Freedom School

(Aug 18, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer visited the James Lawson Freedom School in Allentown to learn about a unique summer program providing students with a resource-rich environment reflective of their culture and diversity. Schweyer, a strong advocate for education who has been influential in boosting state funding for the Allentown School District, was impressed by the program and hopes it will continue providing Lehigh Valley students with opportunities to learn and succeed for years to come. Read more


Schweyer Provides Update on New Da Vinci Science Center

(Aug 06, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer visited the future site of the Da Vinci Science Center in downtown Allentown to provide an update on the project and speak with a local student who has greatly benefited from Da Vinci's science and technology programs. It’s projects like this – with assistance from the state and federal governments -- that make Allentown and the commonwealth a great place to live, work and raise a family. Read more