How I Vote

As your State Representative, I go to Harrisburg almost every week and I get to make some big decisions about things that maybe affect jobs, or funding for our schools, or your taxes. And I want you to know that every time I get to make a decision like that, every time I vote in Harrisburg, I make three considerations. In the videos below, I’ll explain what those three considerations are and how they impact the decisions that I make for you and on behalf of our community!

The first consideration is that I want my decision to be made on sound ethical principles: fairness, equity, and what’s safe for our community. Every time I make a decision, I like to make sure that my perspective is consistent with the highest moral or ethical principles of our community.

Anytime I’m in Harrisburg, my second consideration when we’re looking at fees, taxes, regulations, or environmental rules, is to make sure that I understand what’s best for our community. What do the voters want me to do?

And the third way I look at every vote in Harrisburg, is about the big issues and what’s best for Pennsylvania overall and for our future! What are the big issues that are going to impact our communities in the long run?

It takes some courage to step out and make these decisions. To go from, “good enough” or “comfortable” to what we want for the future and for our children. That’s why I’m here in Harrisburg.