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Youngblood recognizes police bravery with House resolution

Community Conversations May 2, June 6

(Apr 24, 2015)

Come to one of my "Community Conversations" meetings -- we're having them May 2 and June 6 -- to hear what I'm working on to put People 1st. And to share your thoughts on how to make our community better. I've attached a flyer with more details. Read more


April 29 Health Insurance Enrollment Event flyer

(Apr 23, 2015)

Rep. Youngblood is hosting a Health Insurance Enrollment Event from 4 to 7 p.m. April 29 at her constituent service office, 310 W. Chelten Ave. This flyer has more details. Read more


Letter to Lou Yost of U.S. Geological Survey

(Apr 22, 2015)

Letter to Lou Yost, executive secretary of U.S. Board on Geographic Names, U.S. Geological Survey, urging renaming of Negro Mountain. Read more


Youngblood: Wolf’s bold budget plan sets new course and puts ‘People 1st’

(Mar 03, 2015)

HARRISBURG, March 3 – Below is a statement from s tate Rep. Rosita C. Youngblood regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2015-16 budget proposal: "I was energized by Governor Wolf’s budget plan outlined today because it sets a new course for Pennsylvania by focusing on the issues that will put people first. His aggressive approach – which looks to solve the significant issues facing our commonwealth, not just cover them up with one-time band aids, while trying to undo the damage of the last four years – is impressive to say the least. It’s a comprehensive proposal that will provide our people with jobs that pay, schools that teach and a government that works. "I stand with Governor Wolf on his plan to provide dedicated state funding for our schools – and once again making the commonwealth a true partner in educating our kids. I also applaud his dedication to creating a fairer tax system that removes the burden of property and wage taxes and ensures that corporations will pay their fair share. And I commend his efforts to reverse the trend facing our state’s pension system by actually solving the crisis while respecting the value of our state and union workers. "All-in-all, I believe that Governor Wolf’s budget proposal will greatly impact the people of Philadelphia and all residents of this commonwealth. It’s bold, aggressive and challenging, especially amid the political realities Read more


House adopts Cruz resolution honoring Rep. Rosita Youngblood as first African-American female member of House leadership

(Feb 24, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 24 – State Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Phila., thanked House members this week for their unanimous adoption of House Resolution 86 , which honored Rep. Rosita Youngblood, D-Phila., on her accomplishment of becoming the first African-American female elected to a House leadership position. "This is a tremendous honor for Representative Youngblood, and I couldn’t think of a more deserving candidate," Cruz said. "Since taking office over 20 years ago, she has dedicated herself to not only improving the lives of her constituents, but also the lives of women and minorities across the state. I am positive she will continue to be a perfect example of how to use public service for the greater good of her community and all of Pennsylvania." Following her election to an 11th term in the state House, Youngblood was elected by members of the House Democratic Caucus to serve as the Democratic Caucus secretary, becoming the first African-American female to hold a leadership position in the history of the General Assembly. "There are truly no words to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the support from my colleagues in the House," Youngblood said. "It is overwhelmingly humbling to be recognized by my peers, colleagues and friends, and I truly appreciate each and every one of them, especially Rep. Cruz, for their kindness and support. To become the first ever African-American woman elected to a House leadership Read more


Youngblood, Grove: Rename Negro Mountain after the hero Nemesis, not his race

(Feb 13, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 13 – State Reps. Rosita C. Youngblood , D-Phila., and Seth Grove , R-York, have joined forces to introduce a resolution urging the federal government to officially rename a Somerset County mountain in honor of a French and Indian War hero. Youngblood said Negro Mountain, a 30-mile-long ridge of the Allegheny Mountains spanning from Maryland north into Somerset County, took its name from a battle during that war. In 1756, a clash broke out between Native Americans and volunteers, including British-born pioneer Thomas Cresap. History reports that a black frontiersman named Nemesis was mortally wounded during the battle, but instead of taking shelter, he told the remaining members of his party to leave, bravely sacrificing himself so they could retreat to safety. All accounts highlight that the mountain took its name from this battle, notably from the heroism of Nemesis, who gave his life to protect the other volunteers. Youngblood and Grove said it is time for Nemesis to receive the respect and recognition he deserves. "During a time when people of color were identified more as property than as individuals, it might have seemed a fitting honor to name the site of this battle ‘Negro Mountain,’” Youngblood said. “Although the term ‘Negro’ may not be seen by some commonwealth residents as a derogatory term, it’s outdated. And the fact remains that the hero of this battle had a Read more


Youngblood, Dawkins: Pa. must strengthen sibling visitation rights

(Feb 04, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 4 – State Reps. Rosita C. Youngblood and Jason Dawkins, both D-Phila., have introduced legislation to strengthen sibling visitation rights and recognize the importance of these relationships on the emotional and psychological development of children. The Philadelphia lawmakers say their proposal (H.B. 338) would simply provide standing in court to siblings who wish to petition for visitation rights, similar to grandparents' rights already provided under state law. The decision to grant sibling visitation rights would still rest in the hands of a judge. Youngblood, who introduced the legislation last session, said studies have documented the importance of sibling relationships in the development and growth of children. She said the bond between siblings is unique and powerful, and provides a structure beyond all other relationships critical to a child's development. "The state already acknowledges the importance of sibling relationships with regard to adoption and foster care, by doing everything possible to keep siblings together in those difficult circumstances," Youngblood said. "The same protection should be extended to all children separated from their siblings, especially in situations where the family structure has significantly changed. Once sibling relationships are established, the bond is an essential part of a child's life and we need to make sure that they have an opportunity to keep Read more


Community Conversations for March, April 2015

(Feb 03, 2015)

I'll be hosting Community Conversations on March 14 and 19, and on April 4, to share my plan to again put People 1st. Please try to attend one of these town hall-style meetings. Read more


Youngblood, Kinsey honor Northwest Raiders football team

(Feb 02, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 2 – Pop Warner National Super Bowl Championship football team winners from the Germantown area of Northwest Philadelphia were honored on the House floor today, in a ceremony orchestrated by state Reps. Rosita C. Youngblood and Stephen Kinsey, both D-Phila. The Northwest Raiders, winners of the 2014 national Pop Warner title, defeated a team from Connecticut in a game held at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., and televised on ESPN2. Their accomplishment was acknowledged by H.R. 34 , jointly sponsored by Youngblood and Kinsey. "It is a pleasure and honor to recognize a group of young men who, in the truest display of dedication and teamwork, have accomplished such a lofty goal," Youngblood said. "Their success is proof that when you set a goal and put your mind to it, anything is possible. They have put themselves – and their community – on the national stage in an impressively positive way." Kinsey said, "The old adage goes, 'It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.' We can be proud of the way the Northwest Raiders played the game – and doubly proud of the fact that they emerged victorious. In so doing, they've become role models for countless other youths." Youngblood made particular note of the strong educational component of the Pop Warner title, reiterating that the organization which operates in 42 states requires players to maintain academic standards Read more


Youngblood, Kinsey: Pop Warner Super Bowl champion Northwest Raiders to be honored by state House

(Jan 29, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 29 – State Reps. Rosita C. Youngblood and Stephen Kinsey, both D-Phila., will join members of the state House of Representatives at 1 p.m. Monday, Feb. 2 in the House chamber to honor the Northwest Raiders football team for winning the 2014 Pop Warner National Super Bowl Championship. Youngblood and Kinsey jointly sponsored H.R. 34 , which would recognize the Northwest Raiders’ accomplishment of capturing their first ever Pop Warner Super Bowl Championship since the program began back in 1971. The Super Bowl was held at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., and was nationally televised live on ESPN2 sports network. The Raiders, who hail from the Germantown area of Northwest Philadelphia, defeated Connecticut’s New Britain Raiders by a score of 26-6. “Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides youth football and cheer and dance programs in 42 states across the country, and is the only youth football program that requires participants to maintain academic standards in order to play,” Youngblood said. “I am looking forward to recognizing these young men who not only have proven themselves on the football field, but also as students and positive members of our community.” “It is fitting to honor Philadelphia’s Northwest Raiders,” Kinsey added. “Not only for their significant athletic accomplishment in winning the 2014 Pop Warner Super Bowl, but Read more


It’s time for Pennsylvania to Put People First!

(Jan 27, 2015)

I believe it’s time to focus on priorities that will help working families, children and our seniors, while building a stronger economy and a better Pennsylvania for all. Families I will focus on policies that provide Jobs that Pay right here in Pennsylvania so that families can work their way out of poverty. That is why I support: Raising the minimum wage, NOW Providing paid sick and maternity leave for ALL workers Strengthening pay equity laws for ALL workers, regardless of sex, race, family status or sexual orientation Students I am committed to investing in our children, from pre-K programs through college, so that we can provide Schools that Teach our students and that provide access to teachers, counselors and programs that will help them succeed. That is why I support: A fair and balanced funding formula for ALL public schools across the Commonwealth Expanding and improving early childhood education investments Helping to make college more affordable Taxpayers I believe that Pennsylvania must move above partisan politics and reach across party to have a Government that Works to protect our seniors, our working families and our middle class. We can achieve this by ending policies that benefit wealthy corporations above everyday taxpayers. That is why I support: Passing a reasonable Marcellus Shale tax on natural gas drilling Closing, once and for all, the Delaware Loophole. Preserving and expanding state assets Read more


Youngblood starts 11th term as first African-American female leader in General Assembly

(Jan 06, 2015)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 6 – Starting her 11th term as the first black female to hold a leadership post in the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s history, state Rep. Rosita C. Youngblood, D-Phila., took the oath of office for the 2015-16 legislative session vowing to fight for increased education funding, raising the minimum wage, expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and ensuring equal opportunity for all citizens. Selected by her peers as House Democratic Caucus secretary, Youngblood now holds a key spot on the leadership team, with the added duties of helping chart and implement strategy and direction for House Democrats. First elected in 1994, Youngblood said she will continue to fight for the principles and priorities that put people first. And she stated that becoming the first black female to hold a leadership position in the history of the Pennsylvania legislature comes with a responsibility to focus on issues that support working families, including ensuring that every Pennsylvanian obtains equal pay for equal work, along with employment protection for pregnant and sick employees. “I am honored to be elevated by my fellow Democrats to their leadership team,” Youngblood said. “With the help of Governor-elect Tom Wolfe, we are enthusiastic about a change in direction and priorities from the previous administration, which failed the students of Philadelphia, and students all across the commonwealth, by short-changing needed Read more


Hope for Hannah legislation becomes law

(Dec 28, 2014)

Pennsylvania's children have a new protection thanks to Hannah's Law, named after Hannah Ginion of Bristol Township, who suffered from the rare genetic disorder called Krabbe disease. Hannah passed away on Dec. 28, 2014. Read more


Youngblood: Health care enrollment events critical to community

(Dec 16, 2014)

To help constituents gain access to affordable health care, state Rep. Rosita C. Youngblood, D-Phila., hosted a "Get Covered!" health insurance enrollment event today, in conjunction with Enroll America and the Pennsylvania Health Access Network.

Read more


Beware IRS phone scams

(Nov 29, 2014)

Recently, my office received information about phone calls received statewide in which an individual claimed to be from the IRS and demanded payment on taxes owed. Please be aware – this phone call is a scam, and the IRS will NOT initiate first contact with you on the phone about taxes owed. Always be wary of unsolicited phone calls in which an individual claims to represent a business or government entity and aggressively demands payment. The IRS does not operate this way and will always send official correspondence through the mail to make its first contact with you. Read more


HEROIN: What you need to know about Pennsylvania’s Good Samaritan Law

(Nov 24, 2014)

Landmark legislation passed during the 2013-14 Legislative Session now allows first responders, including law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS or other organizations the ability to administer a medication known as naloxone, a life-saving opioid-overdose antidote. The law also allows individuals such as friends or family members who might be in a position to help a person at risk of experiencing an opioid-related overdose to obtain a prescription for naloxone. Additionally, Act 139 provides immunity from prosecution for those responding to and reporting overdoses. Read more


In the News: Dept. of Human Services name change better reflects mission

(Nov 24, 2014)

House Bill 993, which renamed the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare as the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, was signed into law as Act 132 during the 2013-14 Legislative Session. According to advocates for the change, renaming the department was long overdue, and as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported, the name change better reflects the department’s mission. Read more


Do you need help paying heating bills?

(Nov 24, 2014)

As we get into the coldest months of winter, many people are worried about affording their increasing heating costs. If you or someone you know qualifies, my office could help you take advantage of a program set up to curtail high home heating bills. Read more


Apply for health insurance by Feb. 16

(Nov 23, 2014)

The open enrollment period for health care coverage is now underway. If you or someone you know is in need of health insurance, please consider visiting the federal Marketplace at www.HealthCare.gov. Applicants have until Feb. 16, 2015 to enroll. Everyone, no matter what age, needs health insurance. A random accident or unexpected illness could put you in danger of losing not only your good health but also your financial future. Read more


Sign up for the Do-Not-Call list

(Nov 22, 2014)

To register for the Pennsylvania and national do-not-call lists, visit http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/dnc.aspx or call 1-888-777-3406. Registration is free. There is a rolling enrollment; individuals may sign up at any time and the registration is good for five years. After that, you can re-enroll. And, signing up on Pennsylvania's list automatically adds those numbers to the national do-not-call list. Read more