Parker introduces bill to combat human trafficking

HARRISBURG, April 5 – State Rep. Darisha Parker, D-Phila., has introduced legislation to combat human trafficking through internet interventions like filters, especially in the case where children have access to adult content online.

“To curb this growing threat, my legislation will require the installation of filters on internet-capable devices to automatically block known prostitution hubs and obscene adult content,” Parker said. “If an adult consumer wishes to have access to legal adult content, they can by providing proof of ID to the retailer, making a request to have the filter removed, and paying a small fee.”

Parker said the legislation also creates an admission fee for all live adult-entertainment establishments. These fees would go directly to grant funding for organizations that fight human trafficking and child exploitation.

In 2019, the National Human Trafficking Hotline received over 270 reports of human trafficking in Pennsylvania, with 85% of these cases involving sex trafficking.

“With the growth of technology and social media, the buying and selling of human beings has become as easy as a simple click on a keyboard,” she said.

“By making it more difficult to access websites that promote sex trafficking or obscene adult content on Internet-enabled devices, we can simultaneously fight against this growing menace while also removing the current double standard allowing minors to access obscene content online.”

This legislation has been introduced in more than 20 states, and a federal version of the bill has 37 sworn supporters who will introduce the legislation as soon as states begin to enact their versions of the law.

“I’m introducing this legislation to protect our families and children, as well as to support victims and survivors of human trafficking across the country.”