Parker applauds Shapiro’s budget address that includes funding for schools and menstrual hygiene

State Rep. Darisha Parker, D-Phila., said that Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget address highlighted priorities that she has fought for since taking office.

“$300 million in funding to fix our toxic schools isn’t just a financial transaction – it’s an investment in our children to create environments where they can play, learn and grow safely,” Parker said. “It’s not just about repairing buildings but building foundations for our future leaders.”

Parker, an advocate for breaking barriers to menstrual hygiene, said she is proud that Shapiro called for $3 million to provide feminine hygiene products in schools.

“Access to period products is vital in maintaining a woman’s dignity,” Parker said. “With this funding, we would break barriers that have historically hindered girls and women from important milestones due to shame from a lack of menstrual hygiene products.”

Parker said the governor’s budget proposal would empower students, women, minorities and businesses to stay in Pennsylvania to work, study and succeed.