Salisbury introduces bill to permit remote work capabilities

HARRISBURG, July 20 – State Rep. Abigail Salisbury, D-Allegheny, introduced legislation today that would allow employees of licensees in the sales finance industry to work remotely.

The legislation, H.B. 1580, would apply to workers at licensees who qualify under the Consumer Discount Company Act and the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act.

“COVID-19 forever changed the landscape and approach that businesses take to maximize their productivity and stay competitive,” Salisbury said. “My bill would foster job retention amongst licensees by offering this flexibility option and allow their employees to deliver the same optimal quality and quantity of service from any offsite location they choose.”

State Rep. Tim Twardzik, R-Schuylkill, is co-sponsoring Salisbury’s legislation, which does not change any requirements pertaining to licensing, examination or regulation by the Department of Banking and Securities.