Reps. Ciresi, Young seek creation of Education Reform Commission

HARRISBURG, March 10 – In working to ensure that all students across Pennsylvania have the chance to receive a quality education, state Reps. Joe Ciresi, D-Montgomery, and Regina Young, D-Phila./Delaware, have teamed up to introduce legislation to create an Education Reform Commission.

The commission would be tasked with performing an in-depth study of the current educational needs in Pennsylvania, projecting out those needs over the next 25 years, and determining what can and should be done to help reform the current education system and prepare Pennsylvania for the future.

“We must work together – legislators, experts and the community – to assess the state’s educational needs so that we can better support our next generation of Pennsylvanians,” said Ciresi, a former school board member who serves on the House Education Committee and the Special Education Funding Commission. “Instead of continuing piecemeal fixes and improvements, we need to take a comprehensive look at how we move our entire education system forward. This commission would help develop a roadmap for doing just that, helping move Pennsylvania’s education system into the future.” 

Young, who was previously an educator before she was elected to represent the 185th Legislative District last fall, also served as a community schools coordinator in the Philadelphia mayor’s office of education. 

“This is an opportunity to bring everyone together and think about what we need our education system to look like,” Young said. “The commission will engage with a variety of stakeholders across the state, including school board members, teachers, school administrators, businesses and chambers of commerce, students, and the general community, all in order to get a broader sense of issues in our education policies.” 

The commission will conduct a comprehensive study and make concrete recommendations on various education topics, including: 

  • Construction and renovation needs.
  • Educational offerings and curriculum.
  • Equipment and staffing needs.
  • Extracurricular options.
  • Career and technical education.
  • Cost-savings opportunities.
  • Fair school board elections.
  • Adequate and equitable school funding.
  • Equal access to education for all students.

Ciresi and Young officially introduced the legislation as H.B. 806, and it was referred to the House Education Committee for further review.