Young announces over $77.5 million PENNVEST award for new wastewater treatment facility

PHILADELPHIA, April 24 – State Rep. Regina Young, D-Phila./Delaware, today announced that $77,529,900 in state funding has been awarded to the Philadelphia Water Department for construction of a new wastewater treatment facility in South Philadelphia to reduce ammonia discharged to the Delaware River and the reduced flow of inadequately treated sewage to the city's waterways.

The award, which comes from the Construction Wastewater Projects of the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, is intended to fund the building of a sidestream facility at PWD’s Southwest water pollution control plant to reduce the plant’s ammonia load. The environmental impacts will be a reduction in the amount of ammonia discharged by approximately 75%, impacting Mingo Creek which empties into the Schuylkill River, and ultimately into the Delaware River.

“As we celebrated Earth Day this week, it’s a perfect time to announce this funding,” Young said. “This facility is key to improving water quality in the Delaware River which will benefit not just the aquatic life in and along the river, but those of us who live and enjoy recreation around the watershed areas. Making our waterways cleaner and greener helps all of us with numerous health and economic benefits.”

This project includes installing two equalization tanks, two de-ammonification bioreactors, and an ancillary building that will house an equipment gallery, process analysis room, a conference room, a control room, an electrical room, and a chemical feed room.

The awards were announced by PENNVEST today following their board meeting. The low-interest loans are to assist with maintaining safe drinking water, clean rivers and streams, and create permanent, well-paying jobs in Pennsylvania.