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I toured the Monroe County Career and Technical Institute and support Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to put millions into career training for our students.

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Madden Promotes CTE Programs as Pathways to Good Jobs

(Jul 17, 2019)

Madden: State awards $305,000 for Monroe County housing

(Jul 11, 2019)

Governor signs $23 million farm law that invests in future generations

(Jul 01, 2019)

Madden: We Still Haven't Funded Education Equitably

(Jun 25, 2019)

Madden Stands Up to Protect General Assistance

(Jun 19, 2019)

Monroe Matters with Rep. Maureen Madden

(Jun 19, 2019)

House OKs bill with Madden's academic records transfer language

(Jun 13, 2019)

Madden Celebrates Opening of Women's Military Museum

(Jun 12, 2019)

Madden leads efforts to crack down on sexual harassment in the workplace

(Jun 10, 2019)

Madden Hosts Third Annual Women's Day Expo

(Jun 08, 2019)