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I toured the Monroe County Career and Technical Institute and support Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to put millions into career training for our students.

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Madden: Rural Communities Need Broadband Access

(May 16, 2019)

REAL IDs are now available

(May 16, 2019)

Madden Rallies for Infrastructure Improvements

(May 15, 2019)

Madden Stands Up For Women’s Rights

(May 14, 2019)

Academic records would transfer timelier under Madden bill

(May 03, 2019)

Madden brings back $680,726 for school safety programs

(May 01, 2019)

Reps Madden, McNeill to reintroduce banning pet leasing

(Apr 18, 2019)

Madden: $2.4 million awarded to East Stroudsburg

(Apr 17, 2019)

Rep. Madden appointed to lead Subcommittee on Recreation

(Apr 10, 2019)

Rep. Madden joins SEIU at state Capitol rally for better workers' rights

(Apr 09, 2019)