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Donatucci marks ‘Equal Pay Can’t Wait Week’ with revived push to end gender wage gap in Pa.

(Jan 28, 2016)

Donatucci measure acknowledges ‘Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day’ in Pa.

(Jan 27, 2016)
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All workers deserve paid sick leave; Pa. can get there

(Jan 10, 2016)
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Workers statewide should have paid sick leave

(Jan 08, 2016)

Donatucci supports Philadelphia airport workers seeking better wages

(Nov 18, 2015)

Donatucci resolution recognizes 'World Prematurity Day' in Pa.

(Nov 17, 2015)

Donatucci honors medical assistants with House resolution

(Oct 19, 2015)

Donatucci measure marks 'National Mammography Day' today

(Oct 16, 2015)

Donatucci resolution honors 'Day of the Girl' in Pa.

(Oct 09, 2015)

Donatucci supports education funding, property tax relief for seniors

(Oct 07, 2015)