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Donatucci: We Need to Get this Budget Done

(1 day ago)

Philadelphia lawmakers urge return to Harrisburg to finalize state budget, offer solutions to fix recurring revenue gap

(Jul 18, 2017)

Delaware County Lawmakers offer a mid-July Budget Update

(Jul 13, 2017)

Donatucci supports 2017-18 spending plan

(Jun 30, 2017)
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Donatucci Strikes a Blow to Stop and Gos

(Jun 27, 2017)

Donatucci: House passes Stop-and-Go bill, huge step for Philadelphia

(Jun 27, 2017)
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Donatucci Fights For Jobs

(Jun 20, 2017)

Donatucci, Youngblood applaud ‘stop and go’ bill as it advances to full House

(Jun 14, 2017)

Donatucci condemns VGTs in gambling expansion bill

(Jun 07, 2017)

Pa. charter school reform bills' goal: Treat all public schools equally

(Apr 19, 2017)