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Reps Madden, McNeill to reintroduce banning pet leasing

(11 hours ago)

Madden: $2.4 million awarded to East Stroudsburg

(1 day ago)

Rep. Madden appointed to lead Subcommittee on Recreation

(Apr 10, 2019)

Rep. Madden joins SEIU at state Capitol rally for better workers' rights

(Apr 09, 2019)

Madden Disappointed in Vote to Outsource Pocono Mountain School District Transportation Jobs

(Apr 03, 2019)

Madden Talks Criminal Justice Reform at East Stroudsburg University

(Mar 30, 2019)

Madden Promotes Restore Pennsylvania Initiative

(Mar 28, 2019)

Madden: Your Rights Don’t Get Smaller Because Your Employer Does

(Mar 26, 2019)

Rep. Madden brings home over $1.85 million to the 115th District for area projects

(Mar 26, 2019)

Pennsylvanians Deserve a Living Wage

(Mar 20, 2019)