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Donatucci decries irresponsible Republican budget plan

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Donatucci: GOP's veto override move a political ruse

(Aug 25, 2015)

Donatucci praises Pittsburgh City Council approval of paid sick leave

(Aug 03, 2015)
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Pittsburgh City Council proposal would force city businesses to provide paid sick days

(Jul 20, 2015)

Letter to the editor: All workers in Pennsylvania should have paid sick leave

(Jul 13, 2015)

Donatucci: Liquor privatization a reckless plan for Pa.

(Jun 30, 2015)

Donatucci bill to protect anonymity of 911 callers moves to full House

(Jun 27, 2015)

Donatucci bill would ensure anonymity of 911 callers

(Jun 18, 2015)

Donatucci measure would expand state program for more cancer screenings

(Jun 16, 2015)

Donatucci reintroduces bill to modernize Equal Pay law

(Jun 10, 2015)

Senate and House Democratic policy committees look at the impact of mandated Paid Sick Leave Legislation

(May 28, 2015)